Will a Recliner fit in an SUV? (Explained)

People love recliners. They are the ultimate comfort chair in any living room because you can lay your back on the soft padding inside and choose whether to watch TV, read newspapers, or just take a nap.

This is why many people still buy them even though they are expensive. However, hauling these bulky recliners can be challenging, especially if you don’t know what kind of vehicle you can use. This article tackles whether a Recliner will fit in an SUV.

Will a Recliner fit in an SUV?

Yes, most recliners will fit in a standard-sized SUV. However, to ensure a smooth fit, it would be best to double-check by measuring both the recliner and the available space inside your vehicle.

A full-size SUV can accommodate Recliners, whether they are big or small. This is because the common cargo measurements of SUVs range from 45 to 70 inches. Over the years, SUVs have become bigger, larger, and longer. The cargo spaces also increased tremendously, especially with the new models.

There are several things to consider before moving a Recliner to avoid damaging it. First, you have to know the measurements of your Recliner chair. This will help you understand if you can move them.

Recliner and Sofa Picture

Different sizes of Recliners

A small recliner has a width of 30 inches, a height of 41 inches, and a depth range from 33.5 to 37 inches. Small recliners would easily fit in the back of your SUV as they are 26 cubic feet, while a common SUV has a cargo space of 60 cubic feet.

A medium-sized recliner has a width of 38 inches, a depth range from 33.5 to 42 inches, and a height between 37.5 to 43 inches. If these measurements are converted to cubic feet, it would be 36 cubic feet.

A large recliner has at least a height of 39 to 41, the depth can go from 39 to 42 inches, and the width is 40.5 to 44 inches. A large recliner has cubic feet of 41.83. This is close to the cargo space of a standard SUV, which is 60 cubic feet. Oversized recliners can still fit in the back of an SUV. You can fold the rear seats to accommodate the big recliners.

Types of Recliners

The different types of Recliners also vary in size. You should know the different types and their measurements for a better option.

Push-Back Recliners

This is the recliner that you’ll need to push back to recline. They are generally small and will easily fit as the measurements are 38 inches wide, has a depth of 35.5 inches, and a height of 38.5. Push-back recliners have a size of 29 cubic feet.

Two Position Recliners

It has an additional feature: the lever that you can pull for the chair to recline. They are also generally smaller as the measurements are 40.5x38x35. Two-Position Recliners are about 30 cubic feet.

Cuddler Recliners

They are similar to a chair and a half recliner, making them oversized and the best for cuddling. It has electric controls that can raise the back and lower it. They are big enough for a parent and a child.

The measurements are 45 inches wide, 53 inches tall, and 42 inches in depth. They are about 57 cubic feet and can still fit in the back of a Honda Pilot, which is about 109.2 cubic feet.

Lift Recliners

If you have difficulties standing up or you want to sleep in an elevated position, this recliner suits you because it is fully powered and motorized.

A lift recliner will tilt you up to the floor and gently put you on your feet. When moving, you should be careful not to damage its parts.

The standard measurements are 40 inches wide, 37 inches tall, and 34 inches in depth. They are about 29 cubic feet and would also fit in the spacious trunk of your SUV.

Should I disassemble my Recliner to fit in my SUV?

You can disassemble them for better fitting, but not necessarily. Your recliners can still fit in an SUV, especially the larger models which are recently released, designed to have larger cargo space.

Which SUV Can Fit Recliners?

A recliner can fit easily on full-size SUVs such as the GMC Yukon, Toyota Sequoia, Chevy Suburban, etc.

In contrast, on some mid-size SUVs such as the Ford Explorer, Toyota Highlander, Honda Pilot, and so on, you need to give special treatment to the recliner so it can fit.

Find below a chart with the cargo capacity of some popular SUVs:

SUV ModelCargo Volume
(2nd & 3rd Row of Seat Folded)
Cargo Volume
(Rearmost Row of The Seat)
Chevrolet Suburban122 cu ft39 cu ft
Chevrolet Equinox64 cu ft30 cu ft
Chevrolet Blazer64 cu ft31 cu ft
Ford Explorer81 cu ft21 cu ft
Honda Pilot81 cu ft 17 cu ft
Toyota Highlander84 cu ft14 cu ft
Mazda CX-971 cu ft14 cu ft
Kia Sorento73 cu ft11 cu ft
Hyundai Santa Fe71 cu ft36 cu ft
Jeep Grand Cherokee68 cu ft36 cu ft
Toyota 4Runner90 cu ft9 cu ft
Volkswagen Atlas97 cu ft21 cu ft

The new models that will be coming out now offer outstanding cargo capacities, and there will be no shortage of SUVs for people who need to haul lots of cargo or oversized items.