10 Minivan Alternatives in 2024

In the olden times, minivans were the perfect choice. The moment was also marked by the introduction of powerful machines that offered enough interior space for the families, ability to maneuver anywhere they wanted with utmost safety, larger fuel economy, and not to mention customized seats to fit different cargo loads.

Some models even provided the opportunity for a number of seats, even the possibility for complete removal of them, which turned the minivan into a cargo vehicle.

Yet, upon that aspect, minivans were flawed — their appearance was below par. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree, minivans in general, particularly in terms of their visual appeal, aren’t generally given much of a thought which is a feeling I relate to, undoubtedly.

Notwithstanding the point, the Carnival of the Kia has been able to distinguish itself by showcasing a design that, according to me is quite admired. Fascinatingly, the classification schemes picture if the Carnival would better be labeled as an SUV than a deliberate minivan.

In this article, we are going to familiarize you with the vehicles with a practical approach similar to minivans but all the same having a stylish designer that comes as an alternative for those people who may not want to go in for the traditional minivans.

Why Consider a Minivan Alternative?

Yet Honda, Toyota, Kia, and Chrysler, with their models such as Odyssey, Sienna, Carnival, Pacifica, and many more, provide even greater value on the average. They still come with some shortcomings though.

However, one problematic point is their poor aesthetics, which can be disliked or don’t look good to many people. Also, the market for minivans is fairly swindling, and just a few makers are market leaders.

Among these options, the Chrysler Pacifica could boast the top pick thanks to features such as the powerful engine, optional all-wheel drive, and an impressive Stow ‘n Go seat layout.

However, Kia Carnival comes in with an appealing option by raising its ground clearance and maintaining its flat-sided build in a way that makes it difficult to tell it is a minivan instead of an SUV.

However, notwithstanding their positive characteristics, the cost of these vans is still not palatable to those who are more concerned with the cost than quality.

Herein, Chrysler Pacifica starts at approximately $40,000 for its basic model and can finish up close to $60,000 for the top-notch variety.

This exaggerated price range possibly can be taken by the consumers to be able to afford similarly-equipped products that feature the same benefits but with cheaper prices.

SUVs: The Pragmatic Minivan Alternative

SUVs have emanated as a savvy and fashionable option that have replaced traditional minivans. In the old days I used to be associated by an SUV with how they were reluctant, monstrous, and tiresome to drive, but things have altered in what the perception is.

Today’s SUVs no longer only promise a sporty and flexible way of travel; due to the transition from platform to unibody construction, they also offer a more sophisticated driving experience.

This evolution is manifested in SUVs that not only maintain the ease of handling but also carry the elements of style, fuel economy, attractive features, spaciousness, and affordability. These characteristics are similar to those families who intend to use a minivan in replacement of functional with an aesthetic nature.

SUVs often have three rows of seats to satisfy the requirements of big families. A sizable market for such vehicles is currently developing. These cars can accommodate multiple people and luggage; thus, they allow different types of trips and trips. As the SUVs show their versatility, and comfort and are designed contemporary in appearance, they have the edge for those who want to replace their conventional vans.

The following are 10 SUVs with three-row seating configurations, ideal as minivan options:

Toyota Grand Highlander

New Toyota Grand Highlander With All-wheel Drive
Image Credit: Toyota

While the Toyota Grand Highlander certainly inherited the traits of its well-known sibling, the older Highlander, it is also much more. It does stand thus for the exceptional type incorporating the more extended wheelbase of which you can have the farther moving and wide room for more comfort.

The Grand Highlander has a seating capacity of seven or eight individuals to cater for long-haul rides, which are normally taken by families, thus making the vehicle suitable for long-distance travel.

The inside of the bus has enough space where the head and legs won’t be touching walls even during peak times, and one can select any kind of seating configuration.

Spaciousness is plentiful, and handling is okay, the standard turbo engine produces satisfactory power giving the car good mileage.

Kia Telluride

New Kia Telluride Pictures
Image credit: Kia

Rather than have the minivan, Kia Telluride would be the one to look out for families that tend to look for an alternative to a minivan.

The SUV prides itself on delivering 7-8 passenger seating arrangements accompanied by a spacious interior that blends modern aesthetics and a comprehensive function list.

The V6 engine, while not excelling in power output, offers an agreeable mid-range performance. The surrounding inherits a likable integration of connective materials with the modern technological infusion.

Chevrolet Traverse

Chevrolet Traverse 3-row suv
Image credit: Chevrolet

The Chevrolet Traverse not only provides roominess but also ample space for up to eight passengers to enjoy a relaxing ride.

The Traverse employs the latest technologies and features some of the most sophisticated safety amenities, which make it a comfortable vehicle for families.

A constant V6 beneath the hood guarantees a sufficient amount of power, yet its smooth handling and balanced character make it equally comfortable on the road.

The Traverse has an all-round quality where it will not let you down in most circumstances. This is because it caters to many needs of families or other travel groups.

Honda Pilot

Honda Pilot Towing a Trailer
Image credit: Honda

The reshaped Honda Pilot still keeps the tradition of being an amenity SUV for families but with improved dimensions, a spacious inside space, and a special engine.

Accommodating up to 8 passengers the Pilot has generous cargo space and a range of trims to create the perfect match to any personalized specifications.

Its interior upholstery, smooth riding, and plenitude of gadgets make a great many people get interested in a time-honored, relaxed, and no-problems transportation.

Hyundai Palisade

Hyundai Palisade Pictures
Image credit: hyundaiusa

As part of its list of features, it is worth noting that the Hyundai Palisade comfortably keeps up with most premium comps, even exceeding them when it comes to interior design.

The Kia Telluride and the Palisade offer similar dynamics as the Palisade which is a good choice for high-end buyers with their perceived performance and comfort.

Palisade comes with its upscale features and a smooth driving experience which make it the ideal choice for those who cherish the modern outside world.

Volkswagen Atlas

Volkswagen Atlas SUV Pictures
Image credit: Volkswagen

VW Atlas 2024 is made so that it has plenty of comfortable space, a beautiful design, and a soft ride; thus, it offers an operator a convenient choice instead of boring minivans.

The maximum of six seven passengers and the vast amount of available cargo still makes the car perfect for a big family without a doubt.

The power and the price tag make it a tempting option for any family; however, the features of the car make it value for money.

Mazda CX-90

New Mazda CX-90 Family SUV
Image credit: Mazda

The Mazda CX-90, instead of the conventional minivans, would be a more attractive choice in that it comes with a powerful engine and luxurious interior, but also with a wide range of standard features.

The CX-90 can accommodate up to 8 passengers, thus the vehicle is not only responsive but also gives you the taste of a small suite.

The combination makes the SUV an attractive alternative for families. The quality of its top-notch fabric, highly advanced design, and fuel-optimized engine position it as the perfect candidate for buyers of midsize SUVs.

Kia EV9

Kia EV9 Full Size SUV for Snow
Image credit: Kia

With the Kia EV9, the Kia EV9 SUV is undeniably one of the best electric SUVs competing with three-row electric SUVs. It not only exudes luxury but also practicality.

A roomy and nice interior, together with progressive technologies, as well as a VIP upgrade package, ensures drive comfort as much as passenger satisfaction.

Its design, which is intricate and refined, coupled with its flexibility of seating and an eco-friendly drivetrain, gives it an edge over other cars as it becomes a new-age family car.

Kia Sorento Hybrid

New Kia Sorento PHEV
Image credit: Kia

The Kia Sorento Hybrid marries value with usefulness, making it a prime pick for families in search of a reliable and efficient automobile with the capacity to meet their needs.

Instead of the traditional second-row bench, it comes equipped with a captain’s chair that can seat up to 6 passengers.

Therefore, the layout of the interior is very comfortable and convenient. Its gasoline-electric drivetrain has the power to accelerate smartly without stress, but at the same time, it is economical. Therefore, it is the most suitable option for busy families.

Subaru Ascent

Subaru Ascent Night Driving
Image credit: Subaru

The Subaru Ascent brings reliability and user-friendliness, and the all-wheel drive (AWD) in the package offers very good traction in the most challenging conditions.

The Ascent follows the growth of the family with a six or eight-person seat layout and plenty of storage.

Its user-friendly infotainment system, the comfortable ride, and the array of standard features make the Ascent a perfect option for family people who would like to cut down the costs on the SUV and get a fantastic and dependable alternative from the other carmakers.

Final word

Overall, with SUVs, you get a mix of style, versatility, and functionality, as shown by the results in this landscape investigation of the minivan alternative of 2024.

Vehicle producers such as the Toyota Grand Highlander or the Subaru Ascent are offering a different set of these features in their SUVs which reflect the contemporary lifestyle as well as needs of a modern family.

A matter of what kind of facets one is focusing on be it comfort, performance, efficiency, or luxury, selecting a vehicle with that consideration is range.

With the automotive industry touching new heights around the globe, the present scenario looks enthusiastic for families looking for practicality yet having a touch of elegance.

Therefore, whether it’s kids’ soccer practice that you’re driving them to or a cross-country road trip you’re embarking on, there’s an SUV out there that has both flare and functionality, but it’s all up to you to find that SUV.