12 Cars & SUVs with the Coziest Seats for Bad Backs in 2024

Modern automobiles may be more comfortable to drive within the first 15 minutes, but if it lacks adequate support, driving for a more extended period may result in tiredness and discomfort, especially when you get back problems. That is why examining what the car offers regarding back and lumbar support while sitting down are crucial.

Did you know that an incorrect seating position can lead to back pain? Car manufacturers know this and design car and SUV seats to be as comfortable as possible, including the option to adjust the seat.

Although finding a vehicle with comfortable seating might seem the only important aspect to you, it’s not. You must also consider other features such as safety, reliability, and gas consumption when choosing your car or SUV.

With so many options on the market offering excellent back and lumbar support, it can be tough to decide which is right for you.

Here are 12 cars and SUVs with the most comfortable and ergonomic seating.

Hyundai Palisade

Since its debut in 2019, the Hyundai Palisade has quickly become one of the most popular SUVs on the market. And it’s no wonder the Palisade has a spacious and comfortable interior that’s perfect for families or anyone who wants a little extra room to stretch out.

But what sets the Palisade apart is its seats. They’re incredibly comfortable and provide excellent support for your back, even on long road trips. And if you have a bad back, the adjustable lumbar support is a lifesaver.

The Most Comfortable 3-row SUV

Another great feature of the Palisade’s seats is the heated and ventilated front seats. They’re perfect for chilly mornings or hot summer days and can help take the edge off a long drive.

The Palisade also has an excellent infotainment system, plenty of cargo space, and many safety features. It’s an all-around great SUV, and its seats are some of the best in the business.

Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V Interior

The Honda CR-V is a reliable and affordable SUV perfect for city driving and off-roading. It comes standard with front-wheel drive, but all-wheel drive is available for an extra cost.

The CR-V has one of its class’s most spacious and comfortable cabins, with plenty of legs- and headroom for tall passengers. The seats are well-cushioned, supportive, and easy to adjust for a custom fit.

The Most Comfortable Midsize SUV

The CR-V also has a rear-view camera, making it easier to back into tight spaces. And for even more peace of mind, every CR-V comes with Honda’s suite of advanced safety features, which includes adaptive cruise control, lane-keeping assist, and a collision mitigation system.

The Honda CR-V should be at the top of your list if you’re looking for an affordable, reliable SUV with comfortable seats.

Kia Telluride

Kia Telluride Captain Seat

Kia Telluride has been designed with comfort in mind, and it shows.

The seats are large and spacious, with plenty of room to adjust for different body types. The lumbar support is excellent, and the headrests are adjustable to find the perfect position for your neck.

Another feature that makes the Telluride’s seats so comfortable is the heating and cooling option – perfect for those long trips.

You will also love the safety features of this car. It comes with blind spot detection, lane-keeping assist, and a rear-view camera, so you can be sure you’re always driving safely.

All these features will help make your journey more comfortable, whether driving long distances or just around town.

Subaru Ascent

Subaru Ascent Interior with sunroof

The Subaru Ascent hits all the right marks when it comes to comfort. It has spacious, comfortable seats perfect for people with bad backs.

The seats are also adjustable to find the ideal position for your needs. In addition, the Ascent comes with various safety features that will help keep you safe on the road. You will love the driving experience in the Ascent. It has a smooth and comfortable ride that is perfect for long drives.

The Ascent also has various features that make driving easy, like lane keep assist and adaptive cruise control. You will feel confident behind the wheel of the Ascent. The Ascent is an excellent choice if you are looking for a comfortable and reliable vehicle.

Acura MDX

Acura MDX Interior Seating

This Luxury SUV has excellent seat support and a wide range of adjustability, making it one of the best cars for bad backs.

The seats are also very comfortable and have a good amount of padding. Safety features are also plentiful in the MDX, making it an excellent choice for those with bad backs.

The Most Comfortable 3-row Luxury SUV

Features like adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and a rear-view camera make the MDX a superb choice for bad backs.

The car also has a lot of legroom, making it an excellent choice for taller people. The only downside to the MDX is that it’s a bit pricey, but it’s definitely worth the money if you have a bad back.

Lexus RX

Lexus RX Interior Front Seat

Next is the Lexus RX, an excellent choice for those with bad backs. The seats in this SUV are highly comfortable and offer ample support, making for a pleasurable driving experience.

In addition, the seats are adjustable in various ways to find the perfect position for your needs. The RX also has several safety features, which are always a plus.

Some safety features included in the RX include Blind Spot Monitor, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Departure Warning, Front and Rear Parking Sensors, and Adaptive Cruise Control.

All of the above will ensure safe and comfortable driving, regardless of your back pain.


BMW X5 Interior

If you’re looking for a German SUV with highly comfortable seats, the BMW X5 is a great option. The front seats are very supportive, and the lumbar adjustment is excellent.

The rear seats are also spacious and comfortable, making this a great choice for families with bad backs.

The Most Comfortable Luxury Midsize SUV

You will love the smooth ride and the excellent handling of this SUV. The BMW X5 also has many safety features, which is crucial if you’re looking for a vehicle to transport your family.

It has automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane departure warning. It also has a great infotainment system with a large touchscreen. You’ll have no trouble staying entertained on long trips in this SUV.

Toyota Highlander

Toyota Highlander Interior Front Seat Leather Color

The Highlander is a comfortable SUV with plenty of space for passengers and cargo. It has a smooth ride and handles well on the road. The seats are adjustable and have good lumbar support.

The safety features are top-notch, and the vehicle has various standard and optional features, making it an excellent choice for families. Most people who buy the Highlander are happy with their purchase.

However, some complained about the small cargo area and lack of storage space. Others find the infotainment system to be confusing and difficult to use. The best feature of the Highlander is its comfortable and spacious interior.

Audi Q5

Audi Q5 Interior

You can never go wrong with the Audi Q5 when finding a car with a comfortable seat for bad backs.

The Q5 features an adjustable spacious, ergonomic seat to provide the perfect support for your back. In addition, the Q5 has various safety features that will help keep you safe on the road.

Safety features like airbags and stability control help keep you safe on the road, while features like heated seats and lumbar support help to keep your back comfortable during long drives.

If you’re looking for a car with a comfortable seat and plenty of safety features, the Audi Q5 is a great choice.

Toyota Avalon

Toyota Avalon Interior

The Toyota Avalon has long been praised for its smooth ride and comfortable interior, and those with bad backs will find the seats exceptionally welcoming.

The front seats are spacious and offer many adjustment options, while the rear seats are comfortable and provide good support.

The Avalon also has several safety features that help keep drivers with bad backs safe.

Honda Accord

Honda Accord Interior With Cream Color

For a good reason, Honda’s Accord is one of the most popular cars on the market. It’s reliable, efficient, and reasonably priced. But it’s also comfortable, thanks partly to its well-cushioned and supportive seats.

The Accord’s seats are adjustable in various ways so that you can find a comfortable position for your back. And the seats are also designed to provide proper support in the event of a collision.

Hyundai Sonata

Hyundai Sonata Interior

Finally, we have the Hyundai Sonata, a great car for those with bad backs. The car features excellent seat ergonomics with plenty of adjustment options to get comfortable.

In addition, the car has plenty of safety features like airbags and ABS to keep you safe on the road.

Overall, the Sonata is an excellent choice for those with bad backs and is sure to provide a comfortable ride.


Your health is vital, so finding a car with a comfortable seat is essential if you have a bad back. The good news is that there are plenty of great options. The cars on this list offer comfortable seats and plenty of safety features to keep you safe on the road.

So, if you’re looking for a car with a comfortable seat for bad backs, any of these options would be great. Thanks for reading, and we hope this article was helpful.