11 Best EVs For Snow Driving in 2024

Electric vehicles are rapidly transforming winter driving capabilities. Through extensive testing in cold weather conditions, it is evident that the latest EV all-wheel drive systems, battery thermal management technologies and real-world range achievements have put concerns about electric vehicle practicality in winter to rest.

This new generation of EVs hitting the market can confidently power up steep icy driveways and plow through deep snow thanks to advanced traction control and torque vectoring capabilities. Thoughtful vehicle designs keep occupants comfortable through long journeys in snowy conditions.

Here are the 11 best EVS for snow driving in 2024. From luxury SUVs to rugged pickups, these EVs have the ground clearance, traction, range and features to excel in snow and ice. Their capabilities instill driving confidence across winter terrain.

Let’s examine the engineering breakthroughs elevating EVs as practical options for winter adventures.

Audi Q8 e-tron – Pinnacle of Luxury Snow Performance

Blue Audi Q8 e-tron Driving Trough Snow

The sophisticated Audi Q8 e-tron has quickly become the luxury EV benchmark for winter driving confidence, capability and comfort.

Its permanent quattro AWD system actively analyzes road conditions to continuously optimize torque distribution between all four wheels as well as side-to-side.

This enables supreme traction and control on the slickest snow and ice. The Q8 has a plush 8.5 inches of ground clearance that allows it to plow steadily through moderate unplowed snow depths without scraping the underbody.

Inside, occupants are pampered with available massaging seats, four-zone climate control and an air ionizer.

The 95 kWh battery realistically delivers 260+ miles of range in cold conditions – enough for rural winter excursions.

Audi’s excellent heat pump climate control system preserves range by reducing HVAC energy consumption by up to 30% in freezing temperatures.

Rivian R1S & R1T – New Performance Kings for Winter Adventure

Rivian R1T in Snow

Rivian has redefined expectations for EV winter performance with its new R1S SUV and R1T pickup.

Their remarkable quad-motor AWD systems utilize precision torque vectoring across four powerful e-motors to maximize traction on slippery surfaces better than any other EV I’ve tested.

This enables them to confidently tackle steep, icy driveways and claw up snowy grades that leave other AWD vehicles spinning.

With ride heights and ground clearance up to an incredible 14.9 inches, the Rivians blast through deep snowdrifts without breaking a sweat. Large 20″+ all-terrain tires provide tenacious grip across snow, slush or ice.

The rugged, adventurous styling looks perfectly at home traversing snowy backcountry. Their 135+ kWh battery packs are engineered to excel in frigid conditions, delivering 300+ miles of real-world range for complete winter driving peace of mind.

Ford F-150 Lightning – The Ultimate Electric Snow Plow

Ford F-150 Lightning is Great Vehicle in Winter

Ford’s blockbuster F-150 Lightning brings zero-emission power to their perennially best-selling pickup platform without compromising capability.

The standard dual-motor AWD system outputs vigorous acceleration and incredible traction on slippery surfaces.

With a brawny, imposing stance and 8 inches of ground clearance, this electric beast powers through moderate snow piles with ease.

Independent rear suspension improves handling over uneven winter terrain. Ford’s Intelligent Range technology optimizes battery efficiency in cold temperatures, allowing the extended-range battery to deliver 300+ miles of real-world range – eliminating range anxiety on long rural winter journeys. The Lightning can shovel snow better than any EV on the planet.

BMW iX – Luxurious Snow-Taming Technological Marvel

BMW iX in Snow

The technology-laden BMW iX brings trademark driving dynamics into the EV era.

Its sophisticated dual-motor xDrive AWD analyzes conditions 100 times per second to maintain balanced handling and unflappable control across slippery terrain.

Staggered 20-inch all-season tires provide an abundant traction reserve across snow and slush.

The formidable, swept-back styling helps the iX carve elegantly through winter’s onslaught. With 7 inches of ground clearance, it can tackle moderate unplowed snow without scraping.

The heat pump climate control reduces HVAC battery consumption by up to 30% in cold weather, enabling 275+ miles of real-world range.

The iX pampers driver and passengers with heated/cooled seats, expansive crystal glass accents and immersive sound.

Genesis GV70 EV – Upscale Winter Explorer with Athletic Prowess

Genesis GV70 EV in Snow

The athletic Genesis GV70 EV handles snow with comfort and finesse. Its advanced multi-link AWD system continuously adapts torque distribution between axles and utilizes an electronically limited-slip differential for confident grip across slippery surfaces.

With up to 7.3 inches of ground clearance, the GV70 EV can power through surprisingly deep powder and unplowed snow.

V2L power lets you conveniently run electrical gear for winter sports and camping pursuits. Quilted Nappa leather seats with heating and ventilation keep the driver and passengers cozy in style.

The 77.4 kWh battery realistically delivers 310 miles of cold weather range, enough for remote winter adventures. The GV70 EV makes the luxury electric exploration of winter joy.

Cadillac Lyriq – Alluring Style Meets Winter Capability

Cadillac Lyriq For Winter Driving

Cadillac enters the luxury EV segment with an irresistible panache through the visually arresting Lyriq SUV. Its rear-biased dual-motor AWD expertly balances handling across slippery roads by optimizing torque distribution.

All-season tires provide predictable grip across snow and slush. With 9 inches of ground clearance, the Lyriq traverses winter terrain with ease.

The Lyriq’s stunning interior features a 33-inch-diagonal advanced LED display spanning the driver’s vision, along with remote steering wheel control and Super Cruise hands-free highway driving assistance.

DC fast charging replenishes the 100 kWh battery quickly, so you can spend more time enjoying winter road trips.

Expect real-world range exceeding 300 miles, even in frigid conditions. The Lyriq delivers a confident winter performance and iconic style.

Kia EV9 – Highly Anticipated 3-Row Winter Wonder Coming 2024

Kia EV9 Full Size SUV for Snow

Kia’s 7-passenger EV9 SUV set a new benchmark for family-friendly winter EV capabilities.

The available dual-motor AWD system will be optimized for formidable traction across snow, slush and ice.

With an expected ride height of over 10 inches, the EV9 is designed to easily power through deep winter snowdrifts that strand less capable vehicles.

Rear passengers will be pampered with available retractable lounge seats and an expansive panoramic glass roof.

The targeted 300+ miles of driving range from the 77.4+ kWh battery pack should calm anxieties about running out of power in remote winter locations.

Thoughtful details like heated/ventilated seats for all passengers, V2L power, and advanced driver aids reinforce the EV9’s winter-taming mission.

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Hyundai Ioniq 5 – Retro-Futuristic Winter Exploration

Hyundai Ioniq 5 in snow

The creatively styled Hyundai Ioniq 5 brings playful retro-future styling to the EV crossover segment.

The optional dual-motor AWD system noticeably boosts traction across snow and ice thanks to precise torque vectoring capabilities.

With 6.5 inches of ground clearance, the Ioniq 5 traverses moderate unplowed snow without any issues.

V2L power supports winter tailgating needs or running electrical gear at remote locations. The futuristic minimalist interior features sustainable materials and an extended flat floor for greater passenger flexibility.

The 77.4 kWh battery realistically delivers 250+ miles of cold weather range. 800V ultra-fast charging replenishes electrons quickly when you’re on the move. The unique Ioniq 5 promises spirited winter adventures.

Volkswagen ID.4 – Satisfying Winter SUV for the Masses

Volkswagen ID.4 for Winter Driving

The highly appealing VW ID.4 earns its popularity with an approachable price, pleasing performance and sensible winter capabilities for the masses.

Optional dual-motor AWD noticeably improves snow and ice traction over rear-wheel-drive models.

With 8 inches of ground clearance, the ID.4 can plow through moderate snow piles to get you where you want to go.

The cozy cabin heats rapidly even in frigid temps, aided by the efficient heat pump climate control.

Expect a real-world range of 275+ miles from the 82 kWh battery, ample for suburban and moderate rural winter commutes.

With its balance of winter traction, ground clearance and range, the ID.4 checks the boxes for mass-market winter fun.

Nissan Ariya – High-Tech Haven for Winter Storms

Nissan Ariya in Snow

Nissan’s sleek new Ariya EV SUV provides a high-tech haven to weather winter’s worst.

The remarkably smooth, responsive e-4ORCE dual-motor AWD system paired with all-season tires provides tenacious grip across snow, slush and ice, instilling confidence in tricky conditions.

With 8.3 inches of ground clearance, the Ariya traverses deeper snowy and unplowed terrain with ease.

Heated and ventilated semi-aniline leather seats keep the driver and passengers comfortable through long snowy slogs.

The 87 kWh battery provides 270+ miles of real-world winter range.

High-tech details like Nissan’s ProPilot Assist system, head-up augmented reality display and concierge-level assistance reinforce the Ariya’s futuristic appeal.

Subaru Solterra – Legendary AWD Secures True Winter Mastery

Subaru Solterra in Snow

It’s no surprise Subaru nailed the winter performance of its first EV, the Solterra SUV.

Developed jointly with Toyota, its dual-motor AWD system proves Subaru’s symmetrical AWD expertise translates perfectly from gas vehicles.

This system demonstrates tremendous snow and ice traction capabilities that set Subaru apart. It’s complemented by 8.3 inches of ground clearance, X-Mode tuning for slick surfaces and standard all-terrain tires.

For snowy rural driving and backcountry adventures, Solterra’s 220+ mile range provides ample power and confidence.

The Subaru’s composure over harsh winter terrain cements the brand’s reputation for winter mastery.

Inside, heated seats and steering wheel keep drivers comfortable despite the harsh winter can muster.

Final Thoughts

In summary, this new crop of capable EVs has the traction systems, ground clearance and cold weather range to master the toughest snowy roads and winter adventures confidently.

Audi and Rivian establish the new performance benchmark, while Cadillac, BMW and Genesis take luxury and comfort to the next level.

The Kia EV9, Subaru Solterra and other models set a new standard for family-focused winter excellence.

For EV drivers who embrace winter adventures, these models offer the assurance, capabilities and conveniences they need to enjoy winter to its fullest.

The electric mobility revolution is forging ahead through the snowiest roads – are you ready to join the ride?