Audi Q5 in Snow & Winter Driving (Tested!)

The Audi Q5 is a series of compact luxury crossover SUVs produced by the German luxury car manufacturer Audi since 2008. Since its inception, the Audi Q5 has received incredible positive ratings based on its outstanding quality.

When you live in a location with long and harsh winters like Colorado or Alaska, you might wonder if this luxury SUV can fulfill your need for a reliable vehicle on snowy roads.

Does Audi Q5 do well in snow?

Driving in the snow is always challenging; you must ensure you’re prepared for it. Cars are a lot more vulnerable than people often think; hence you need a vehicle that will deliver the performance you love and the confidence you need.

Audi has done a good job building cars such as the Audi Q5, ranked among the highest 10 all-wheel cars and SUVs for winter driving by Consumer Report readers. You can assuredly drive from behind the wheel of this car, knowing you have the technology, accessories, and confidence at your side.

Audi Q5 For Snow Driving Pictures

On top of having excellent traction control and an all-wheel-drive system, the Q5 also has Quattro drivetrain technology with permanent all-wheel torque distribution that ensures every wheel on the car distributes power more evenly throughout its journey.

This can also be used when driving on ice and snow, which means less strain on your engine and better control over your vehicle. It has all through been ranked among the highest 10 all-wheel cars and SUVs for winter driving by Consumer Report readers.

Which Audi Q5 features will improve winter driving?

Below are some of the most significant features that determine the effectiveness of the Audi Q5 for winter driving.

  • Quattro All-wheel Drive

The addition of the Electric Quattro AWD system is one of the newest advances in technology building the Audi Q5. This system uses an electric motor on each axle instead of the traditional gearbox.

The system seamlessly receives crucial information in the background, such as wheel slip, throttle position, and motor torque from a series of sensors and response by sending the right amount of power to the required axle.

This means that you can change how the system works, feels, and the amount of grip based on the weather conditions. You can therefore opt for traction for wither driving.

  • Low Gears for off-Roads

By offering a low-range gearing system designed for off-road adventures, the Audi- Q5 outstands all the other models as a preference for driving on snow and ice.

  • Audi Traction and Control.

The Audi Q5 has a traction control switch that helps the user engage the traction control system. It is key to note that when the traction system is engaged, there is complete control of the traction; for instance, if a wheel begins to slip, the system will automatically kick in and slow the tire’s speed, thus allowing it to regain traction. Besides, whenever the traction kicks in, all the driver feels is a slight jerk as the system kicks in and does its job.

  • Anti-Lock braking system

Driving in winter requires one to apply brakes constantly. Even though this is normal, it may put your vehicle at risk of locking up its wheels. With the installation of the electronic wheel system, the Audi Q5 regulates the application of brake pressure to the wheels by evenly distributing it based on the weight of each wheel while in motion. This process proactively protects the wheels from a lockup and any mishaps.

Does the Audi Q5 have the Snow Mode?

Audi Q5 Interior WIth Snow mode

The Audi Q5’s Quattro All-Wheel Drive comes with a snow mode which is part of the multi-terrain selection. This mode which is made up of four modes, namely: mud or sand, rock or dirt, snow or normal, which lets you choose between them, helps bolster traction, especially in off-road conditions, by aiding other safety features in the prevention of wheel slippage and undue wheel spinning thus increasing the wheel’s performance.

Does the Audi Q5 require snow tires?

The tires are arguably the most crucial factor in winter weather safety. It’s key to note that as long as you’re using the recommended tires listed in the Owner’s manual, ensure the tread is not worn out and, above all, correctly inflated.

You will not need snow tires for your Audi Q5. This is because the Audi Q5 tires are properly designed with thicker and deeper treads for driving during the wither season.

However, if you opt to use snow tires is not wholly a bad idea as they may come in handy, especially in extreme snow conditions, since they maximize traction and thus preserve the vehicle’s balance.

Can you install additional Snow gear on the Audi Q5?

It’s not recommended to put snow gear such as snow chains on the Audi Q5 since the Quattro system will think the vehicle is slipping.

Nevertheless, once proper tires have been fitted, snow gear will not be needed not only because of the car’s system but also because they significantly shorten the car’s speed.

However, if it’s highly necessary, for instance, based on local laws, you should install snow tires and carry chains.

How much snow can the Audi Q5 handle?

The amount of snow a car can handle depends on the ground clearance. In this case, the Audi Q5 has a reasonably high ground clearance of about 8.2 inches.

With such high ground clearance and all-wheel drive, it seems like 5-8 inches of snow won’t be a problem for the Audi Q5, especially if you equip the Q5 with a good pair of winter tires.

Can the Audi Q5 drive on ice?

Typically, the patent Audi Q5’s Quattro all-wheeled drive system makes it one of the best cars to drive on ice.

The AWD gives it incredible stability and control, enabling the drivers to slice slush and glide through ice easily.

However, it would be best if you drove with absolute caution, especially for high ground clearance, which will make your car susceptible to rollover.

Can you mount a snow plow on the Audi Q5?

While we do not advise mounting snow plows on the Audi Q5, they may come in handy in areas with heavy snowfall. It will save you a day’s worth of work shoveling the snow off your driveway in the cold.

Besides, if you’re worried about the damage it will cause to your car, then well, don’t be since the Audi Q5 has a strong automatic transmission and more than 20 horse powers capable of pushing the snow out of its way.

However, the Audi Q5 doesn’t have the front hitch like most trucks; hence you will need a universal snow plow.

Why Is It important to clear snow off your car?

It’s crucial to clear snow off your car since snow blocks your view; hence it may lead to a crash. On the other hand, a huge pile of snow on your roof may also blow off to cars behind you, blocking the driver’s view and leading to a crash.

Note: Take time to clear snow off your Audi before starting your drive. It’s also advisable to take advantage of the side mirror and window defrosters installed on the Audi.

How does the Audi Q5 handle low winter temperatures?

The Audi Q5 has added advanced features such as a heated steering wheel and rear and front seats for wither temperatures. This helps both the driver and passengers riding the Audi Q5 sit without feeling any discomfort from the seats.


If you’re looking for a vehicle that performs well in winter, you will never go wrong with the Audi Q5. Considering Audi’s overall German roots, this model offers a more stable winter ride than many competitors.