How Much Does the Wiper Blade Cost? (With Pro Tips)

A good wiper blade is important to ensure safety while driving, especially during the rainy season.

Worn-out wiper blades can restrict a driver’s vision making travel dangerous for other road users. On average, wiper blades last from 10,000 – 25,000 miles. However, some wiper blades are replaced sooner, depending on the material, usage, and prevailing weather conditions.

Rear wiper blades usually last longer than front wipers because they are not regularly used. Be that as it may, sun and heat cause the rubber to break down, and eventually, they must be replaced.

How Much Are the Wiper Blades?

Wiper blade replacement is mainly done once per year. Luckily, the wiper blade cost is nominal, ranging from $15 to $30 per wiper blade.

Although several affects the cost of replacing windshield wipers, on average, the cost of buying and replacing the wiper blade is $50.

If you go to a professional mechanic, the labor may cost $25, while the cost of buying wiper blades may average around $25.

Pro Tips: Since replacing the wiper blades does not require special skills, you can easily do it yourself at home and save up to $25 in labor costs. You need to ensure the wipers are the right size, and you’ll be good to go.

When buying wiper blades, the first step entails knowing wiper sizes. You must know the car’s specific make, model, and year to do it right.

Luckily, it is easy to get this information online or in a store.

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After knowing the wiper size, you must choose the type of wiper blade you want, depending on your budget and preference.

Some people might find it hard to know when to replace the wiper blades. You should replace the wiper blades if:

  • Some windscreen sections are not clear after the wiper blades have cycled.
  • You see some water streaks on the windscreen after the wiper blades pass over your car’s windscreen.
  • The wiper blades are loose on the wiper arms. If the wiper clips are broken or lost, wiper blades become loose and inefficient.
  • The end of the rubber edge is torn or hanging loose. That indicates that the wiper blades are damaged and cannot clean the windscreen properly.
  • The wiper blades produce strange sounds when passing over the windscreen.

Is it Worth Buying Expensive Wiper Blades?

High Quality Wiper Blades

Yes. While some car owners instinctively try to save money by buying low-quality cheap wiper blades, they spend more in the long run.

If you buy expensive wiper blades, there is a high possibility that they are of high quality.

High-quality wiper blades work better and last longer than cheap wiper blades. Therefore, always buy the original equipment (OEM) wiper blades from a reputable dealer to get value for money.

OEM wiper blades are designed to work on specific wiper blades; hence, they fit and work better. If you are unsure of anything, do not hesitate to ask questions or clarify from your dealer or mechanic to avoid making a mistake.

Are Wiper Blades Sold in Pairs?

If you visit your local auto part store, you will notice that wiper blades are sold individually. It is not a must for wiper blades to be sold in pairs.

In fact, selling wipers separately (individually) is better because some cars have different wiper blade sizes.

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Also, the buyer might not need two wiper blades if only one of the blades is ineffective or broken.

If you do not need to replace both wiper blades, you can just buy one, saving the cost of buying a blade you do not need.

Should I Replace Both Windshield Wipers?

Although it is not a must to replace both wipers, experts highly recommend replacing both windshield wipers at the same time.

If one wiper is worn out, the other is ineffective because they work at the same rate.

Therefore, instead of replacing one wiper only to replace the other wiper shortly after, replace your wiper blade in pairs.

In rare cases, one wiper blade might be broken after an accident or unforeseen event. If you recently replaced the blades and they are in good condition, there is no need to replace both wipers.

Can You Drive with One Wiper?

You can drive with one wiper because it can clean the windscreen. However, during heavy rains, one wiper only cleans a section of the windscreen, leaving the corners.

There are different types of wipers, and they function differently, including their speed and how they clean the windscreen.

Some wiper designs can clear the entire screen making it feasible to drive with one wiper.

Is Driving with Broken Wipers Illegal?

It is illegal to drive with broken wipers. Driving without functioning wipers is risky to you and other road users, especially if it is raining or snowy. If the wipers are not functioning, drivers cannot see clearly, increasing the chances of causing an accident.

Luckily, replacing wipers is cheap, easy, and fast. If you notice your wipers are not functioning, visit the nearest dealer or auto shop, and you will have them fixed immediately.

Otherwise, you can do it yourself, saving on labor costs if you are handy. Driving with faulty wiper blades is not only dangerous but also illegal. Therefore, if the police pull you over, you can be fined for careless driving.

Final Words

Replacing the wiper blades is crucial and should be done regularly. To avoid creating unnecessary wear on the wiper’s rubber edge, avoid using the wipers when your car’s windscreen is dry.

Replace the windscreen wiper blades immediately if you notice they are broken or not working correctly. If the wiper blades are broken or not working properly, you can hear streaking, squeaking, or chattering sounds.

Finally, to save the cost of replacing wiper blades, learn how to replace windshield wipers or get them installed at a local auto part store for free. Most auto part stores provide free wiper blade replacement as an after-service to attract buyers.