Will a Moped Fit in an SUV? (Answered)

Spring moped rides in the city are special moments. Urbanites like its small size, maneuverability, and fuel efficiency.

Can an SUV fit a moped? This question isn’t silly. Imagine maneuvering your new moped through heavy traffic and long distances from the dealership. SUVs could help.

This article addresses this question. Mopeds in SUVs are convenient and useful. Owners can avoid traffic and bad weather by transporting their mopeds in SUVs.

An SUV protects the moped from theft and damage by enclosing it. We’ll see if a moped fit in an SUV, review transportation options, and give you ideas for safe and easy moped transport.

So, Can You Fit a Moped into an SUV?

The SUV’s trunk space and moped size determine whether it can fit inside.

Most mopeds will fit into a large SUV like the Ford Expedition, Ford Suburban, or Nissan Armada. Smaller SUVs like Chevrolet Traverse or Honda Pilot may need disassembly to fit. Thus, before loading the moped, you must measure your vehicle and the moped. Given these reasons, fitting a motorbike inside an SUV is not easy.

Moped fit in an SUV
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The moped and SUV’s proportions must be considered. Loading the moped without disassembly may be doable if the SUV has enough cargo capacity and the moped is smaller. If the moped is larger or the SUV’s cargo room is limited, extensive disassembly may be needed to get it inside.

In conclusion, an SUV can fit a moped depending on its size and cargo space. Smaller SUVs may need disassembly to fit a moped. To make sure your scooter fits in your SUV, measure it first.

Understanding Dimensions

A moped’s dimensions and the SUV’s cargo space must be considered to see if it can fit.

Weightofthing.com says a conventional moped, often known as a scooter, is 68-70 inches long, 26-28 inches wide, and 40 inches tall.

However, moped models and manufacturers can change these dimensions. Thus, accurate moped dimensions are essential.

SUV models vary in cargo space. When folded down, compact SUVs provide about 70 inches of cargo space behind the back bench. These versions often have payload heights under 40 inches.

Larger SUVs can have a boot height above 45 inches and up to 80 inches of freight space when all seats are folded flat.

Chevrolet Tahoe Cargo Dimension

These measurements show that evaluating whether a scooter fits an SUV is complicated. It requires a careful evaluation depending on your moped and SUV’s dimensions.

Compare your moped’s measurements to your SUV’s cargo area to see whether it can fit without disassembly.

To ensure accuracy, measure the moped and SUV. You can decide whether to move a moped in an SUV by taking accurate measurements and comparing them.

Specific SUV Models and Their Capacity

To further understand if a moped can fit into an SUV, let’s look at some popular SUV models and their cargo capacities.

  1. Chevrolet Suburban: One of the largest SUVs on the market, the Chevy Suburban boasts a vast cargo space. With its rear seats folded, it provides approximately 121.7 cubic feet of space. The loading length can extend up to 100 inches, making it a promising candidate for accommodating a moped.
  2. Ford Expedition: Another large SUV with ample cargo room is the Ford Expedition. It has 104.6 cubic feet with the back seats folded down. Nearly 80 inches may be loaded. Though smaller than the Suburban, it could fit a motorbike.
  3. Ford Explorer: The midsize SUV Ford Explorer has ample load room. When folded, the third row provides 87.8 cubic feet of cargo space. With some disassembly, a small to medium-sized moped could fit.
  4. Toyota RAV4: The compact SUV has less cargo room than larger SUVs. It has 69.8 cubic feet and a 70-inch loading length with the rear seats folded down. It may not fit a normal moped without disassembly.
  5. Honda CR-V: A smaller compact SUV, the CR-V offers 75.8 cubic feet of space with the rear seats folded down. The loading length is around 60 inches, making it less likely to fit a standard moped without significant disassembly.

These SUVs demonstrate their cargo capacities. Before loading your scooter into your SUV, measure it and compare it to its dimensions. Ensure the measurements match and you have enough space for safe moped transport.

The Moped Disassembly Option

If your moped doesn’t quite fit in your SUV, you might need to consider disassembling parts of it. Here’s how you could go about it:

  • Handlebars: Moped handlebars are frequently the widest portion. To narrow them, unscrew them and lay them flat. Make sure you can safely remove and replace the handlebars.
  • Wheels: Some moped models allow you to remove the wheels for greater room. This helps with low cargo height. Again, use the right equipment and experience to remove and reinstall the wheels securely.
  • Mirrors and Accessories: Remove any mirrors or accessories that can take up space or get damaged during shipping. This can help shrink the moped.

Store them safely to avoid losing parts, screws, and other components. Take notes or photos of the disassembly to reassemble the moped when you arrive successfully.

Disassembling and reassembling your moped requires prudence and following the manufacturer’s instructions. To avoid damage or safety risks, consult an expert if you’re unsure about something.

Alternatives to Transporting a Moped

If you find that your moped doesn’t fit in your SUV, or if the disassembly and loading process is too daunting, here are a few alternatives:

  • Trailer Hitch: A trailer hitch with a platform on the back of your SUV can work well. The platform secures the moped for transit. This option is useful if you have a trailer hitch and frequently transfer your moped.
  • Rooftop Carriers: Rooftop carriers for lightweight mopeds are rarer. The roof of your SUV can hold these moped carriers. Remember the carrier’s weight and size limits to avoid safety issues and install it properly.
  • Professional Services: If you want a hassle-free solution or have limited transportation options, consider hiring professional motorcycle and moped transporters. These firms can safely transport your moped. This alternative costs extra but gives you peace of mind and saves time.

Each option has pros and limitations, so assess your situation, transportation demands, and money. Before choosing, consider each option’s viability, convenience, and cost.

Final Words

To conclude, an SUV’s luggage space and moped’s size determine if it can fit. Smaller SUVs may need disassembly to fit a moped.

Before loading your motorbike into your SUV, measure its measurements and compare them. Alternative transportation is available if your moped doesn’t fit or disassembles.

These include employing a trailer hitch with a platform on the back of your SUV, rooftop carriers for smaller models, or motorbike and moped transportation firms.

Each option has pros and cons, so consider your needs, budget, and transportation frequency. Transporting a moped should always be safe.

Secure the moped, pack it properly, and use straps or cushioning to avoid damage. Safety procedures will help you transfer your scooter safely. Check local moped transportation laws to avoid legal complications. With safety in mind, you can carry your moped in an SUV or other vehicle.