Will A Dryer Fit in An SUV? (Answered)

Moving a Dryer in a car can be very annoying, even if you have a vehicle like an SUV with a lot of cargo room. It is never as simple as it looks. But before you do anything, you must know if your SUV has the space to fit it.

So, Will a Dryer fit in an SUV?

Smaller and more compact dryers can generally fit inside most SUVs without issues. However, larger dryers should be measured beforehand to ensure they fit properly inside the vehicle. Also, make sure to know the dimensions of the SUV’s trunk before attempting to fit the dryer inside.

Below, You will find that I have detailed exactly how you should load your dryer into an SUV.

Dishwaser Fit in Subaru Forester Pictures
image: reddit.com/u/darkendvoid

A very annoying thing you will find when checking the listed dimensions of the cargo space in your SUV is that the auto industry tends to record the measurements in cubic feet rather than inches or centimeters. Which can be very frustrating for anyone who doesn’t know how much a cubic foot is.

Two different SUVs can have the exact listed dimensions in cubic feet of cargo space, but the boot of each SUV can be another. One SUV might have a tall boot but not much depth, while another could have a short boot with a wide space.

The thing about moving dryers is that they require both height and depth.

Know What Type of Dryer You Have

Before trying to move a dryer, you must know what category it fits in.

Dryers are usually categorized into four different types determined by their size. It is essential to know your dryer’s dimensions; if you know its height, width, and depth, it will be easier to know if your SUV can handle the job.

Here are the types of dryers and their dimensions:

Washer & Dryers TypeWidthHeightDepth
Mega Capacity28-30″40-42″32-34″

What SUVs can a Dryer Fit in?

You should know what SUVs will move a dryer based on the dimensions above. For example, an SUV such as the Honda CR-V, with cargo dimensions of 54 inches x 39 inches x 40 inches, can carry any dryer without any problems.

However, an SUV like the Honda Pilot, which has dimensions of 46,5 inches x 30 inches x 19,75 inches, would not be able to move any type of dryer because it does not have the proper space. However, if you fold down the rear seats, you may be able to fit a compact dryer.

Honda Pilot Cargo Dimensions Pictures
courtesy of autoknowledge.com
SUV ModelWidthDepthHeight
Honda CR-V54″40″39″
Honda Pilot46.5″19.7″31″
Chevrolet Traverse48.5″24″33″
Chevrolet Tahoe49.5″16.5″35.5″
Chevrolet Suburban49.5″37″35.5″
Toyota Highlander46.5″20.8″30″
Jeep Grand Cherokee45″37″29″
Subaru Forester51″34″35″
Honda Element45.3″66.5″42″

How Do You Put a Dryer into an SUV?

To put a dryer in an SUV, simply follow the steps below:

  1. Unplug the dryer’s power cord and tape it to the side of the dryer to keep it from getting caught on anything
  2. Place the dryer onto a dolly and get it outside. As an additional tip, place some cardboard or a blanket between the dryer and dolly to avoid any scratching.
  3. Leave the dryer, on the dolly, at the back of the SUV and ensure all the back seats are laid down.
  4. Simply lift the dryer up and into the SUV
  5. Lastly, remember to be careful as dryers can be heavy, and someone can easily be hurt

Getting the dryer into the SUV does not require anything crazy, but it is very important to mention that dryers can be very heavy, and it is a good idea to make sure you have some people with you to help move it. This is the best way to avoid any injury.


So, to answer your question once and for all: Will a dryer fit in an SUV? Maybe, it will all depend on the SUV you have access to.

Most mid-size and full-size SUVs will be able to fit a dryer inside. But, unfortunately, any smaller SUV models like the Small SUVs and X-Small SUVs will give you a lot of difficulty in trying to do the job. So, measure the SUVs’ cargo space before loading in a dryer.

Because many washers, dryers, dishwashers, and other similar appliances have similar dimensions, the article above can also be beneficial in answering any questions about if they will be able to fit inside an SUV.