Will a Dresser Fit in an SUV? (ft. IKEA Hemnes Dresser)

It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle you have, few things are more frustrating and challenging to deal with than trying to fit Furniture into a car. More so than any other item, Furniture seems to be the bitter enemy of most cars and trucks. They’re large, heavy, and challenging to angle through the door.

These aspects are made worse when it comes to dressers. Unless you own an SUV, you’re probably out of luck.

However, some SUVs are larger than others. Below, we’ll see just how reliable an SUV is when moving a dresser.

Will a Dresser Fit Inside an SUV?

While dresser sizes can vary based on the style and material, most standard dressers that hold between six and nine drawers can be expected to fit inside a full or midsize SUV without too much issue. Only small-sized SUV options will struggle to fit a standard dresser inside.

If you have a larger SUV, below are some key things to consider when loading up a dresser. This way, you won’t have to worry about either your car or your Furniture suffering damage during the trip.

Standard Dresser with 9 drawer

Determine the Size of the Dresser

First, before you even think to force your dresser inside your SUV, you’re going to want to get its exact measurements.

As we mentioned earlier, you’re going to need at least a mid or large-sized SUV when trying to fit a standard dresser. These dressers usually can hold between six and nine drawers and are between 26 and 44 inches tall, 36 and 65 inches wide, and between 16 and 20 inches deep.

An excellent example of a standard dresser would be the IKEA Hemnes Dresser. These dressers can hold eight drawers and are around 37 inches tall, 63 inches wide, and 19.6 inches deep.

What Type of SUV Will Work?

Next, you’ll need to determine if your SUV will be able to fit a dresser. For example, small-sized SUVs and crossovers will barely have the space to fit a dresser’s box, not to mention the actual item. This is why you’ll need at least a mid or full-size SUV if you hope to fit it in properly.

Full-Size SUVs

When it comes to full-size SUVs, these guys can fit virtually any type of dresser without a problem. Some ideal examples of a full-size SUV include the Chevrolet Tahoe, the Chevrolet Suburban, the GMC Yukon, the Toyota Sequoia, the Ford Expedition, and the Cadillac Escalade.

If you know your SUVs, you’ll notice that each of these options is exceptionally long and wide. They each have a relatively large amount of trunk space while also having three rows of seating space.

Midsize SUVs

So, that’s the full-size option. But what about the midsize SUVs? While the full-size is excellent if you’ve got the money, most people will really have a midsize SUV, as they are generally large enough to handle 99% of regular living situations.

But do an SUV make good carriers for dressers?

Ultimately, it depends on the individual SUV and its available space. So long as they have around 65 inches of available trunk space (length or width).

Because this is such a variable issue, you’ll want to measure your car to make sure it qualifies.

Determining the Safest Way to Move Your Dresser

Now that you’ve ensured that the dresser and the SUV are the correct sizes let’s briefly go over the steps you’ll need to follow to move the dresser in and out of your car safely.

Step #1. Determine if the Dresser is Pre-Built

First off, you’ll need to know whether the dresser is already built or will need to be set up after getting to your home. This is an important distinction, as the number of steps required to move it will change drastically safely.

Today, most dresser furniture bought at retail stores will be sold unassembled, meaning you’ll need to build it up once you get home. At first glance, this may sound like a hassle; however, unassembled Furniture requires much less work to transition from the store to your SUV.

If you plan to buy your dresser pre-built or custom-made (either second-hand or from a specialty store), you’ll need to take a few more precautions, as these pieces have a higher chance of being damaged.

Step #2. Invest in / Rent a Dolly

If you are going to purchase a pre-built dresser, you’ll need to bring a dolly with you. While standard moving dollies are ideal, using a furniture dolly is just good. The biggest difference between a moving dolly and a furniture dolly is that moving dollies include a stabilizing handle so you can effectively secure the dresser. Their only downside is that you will require some level of strength, as a portion of the dresser’s weight must be carried when moving it to your car or home.

Furniture dollies, while also effective, don’t have a handle or any security straps and thus can easily result in the dresser falling. The upside to furniture dollies is that anyone can effectively use them. Unlike moving dollies, furniture dollies load 100% of the weight onto themselves and need to be pushed. This makes it relatively easy for anyone to move it.

If your dresser is unassembled, you’ll only need a standard shopping cart, as, while their combined weight may be challenging to maneuver, each piece should be pretty accessible for most adults to move safely.

Step #3. Bring a Friend

Regardless of how you plan to move your dresser, you’ll want to bring a friend. Dressers are heavy and are not something you should be moving by yourself. Please bring a friend with you and make it a fun experience.

If the dresser is unassembled, having a friend to help, you can significantly speed up the transition from car to house and speed up the amount of time it’d take to put the dresser together.


When it comes to moving your dresser, there are a lot of different factors that you’ve got to keep in mind.

However, by knowing how large your SUV is, how large the dresser is, and having a plan in place to effectively move it, you can quickly, easily, and (above all else) safely take it from the store to your home.