Will a Billy Bookcase Fit in my Car? (Answered!)

The Billy bookcase has become one of IKEA’s most beloved products, enjoying popularity across the globe. This simple yet practical bookcase has successfully permeated furniture stores worldwide, with its timeless design garnering adoration from countless individuals. If you’re reading this, you’re likely among its admirers and contemplating acquiring one.

Not only is the Billy bookcase celebrated for its aesthetic and functional appeal, but its affordability also contributes significantly to its popularity. However, a prevalent dilemma arises when considering transporting this sizeable piece of furniture home. Due to its large dimensions, transporting the Billy bookcase using a private vehicle presents a tangible challenge.

In this article, I will delve deeper into the nuances of transporting a Billy bookcase by car. Providing detailed insights and tips, this guide aims to assist you in successfully transporting your new bookcase without inflicting damage on either the piece itself or your vehicle.

Can You Fit Billy Bookcase in Car?

The Billy Bookcase will not fit into small cars like the Honda Civic, Toyota Prius, or Hyundai Elantra. However, it will easily fit into an SUV or minivan, whether in its assembled or disassembled state.

When disassembled, its size becomes so compact that it can even fit in a hatchback, although some adjustments like folding the seats may be necessary.

Please note that when you purchase the Billy Bookcase in the store, it will be unassembled and still in the box. It’s known as flat-pack furniture, Ready-to-assemble furniture (RTA), knock-down furniture (KD), or kit furniture. This design aims to facilitate and save space during transportation. Upon arriving home, you can easily assemble it by following the instructions. You don’t need to be a professional to do so; it’s a straightforward process.

How Big Is the Billy Bookcase?

IKEA Billy Bookcases are available in a range of sizes. The tallest stands at approximately 237 cm, while other models offer shorter heights, around 180 cm, even down to 106 cm.

Widths also provide options, extending from 80 cm to a slimmer version measuring approximately 40 cm.

Consistently, all these bookcases maintain a depth of 28 cm.

Billy Bookcase Dimension

Upon observing the image above, you might presume the Billy Bookcase is challenging to fit into a car due to its width. However, as previously noted, the Billy Bookcase is flat-pack furniture, meaning it arrives unassembled, thus offering more compact dimensions for transport.

It’s pivotal to focus on the height of the furniture; when boxed, the height becomes the length due to the bookcase’s reclined position.

Ensure the interior of your car exceeds the length of the Billy Bookcase. For instance, if you purchase a bookcase with a height of 180 cm, your car’s interior must accommodate objects of that length.

Fortuitously, most SUVs and minivans boast lengths exceeding this, ensuring that an unassembled Billy Bookcase will fit.

Transporting the Billy Bookcase: A Step-By-Step Guide

Here are a few tips for transporting the Billy Bookcase. I’ve kept it short yet easy to understand.

  1. Purchase and Packaging:
    • Select and purchase the Billy Bookcase model that fits your needs.
    • Ensure all components are enclosed, and the packaging is secure to prevent damage during transit.
  2. Vehicle Assessment:
    • Measure your vehicle’s interior to determine if the boxed bookcase can fit.
    • Cross-check these measurements with those of the packaged bookcase.
  3. For Fitting Vehicles:
    • Maximize space by folding down the back seats.
    • Position the package securely, ensuring no obstruction to the driver’s visibility.
    • Utilize straps if available to stabilize the package during the journey.
  4. For Non-Fitting Vehicles:
    • Consider using IKEA’s own delivery services or hire a rental truck.
    • Make sure the vehicle/truck protects the package from potential weather elements.
    • Ensure the bookcase is securely positioned in the truck to avoid shifting.
  5. Alternative Transportation Options:
    • Explore local courier services specializing in furniture delivery.
    • Enlist the help of friends with larger vehicles.
  6. Home Unloading and Assembly:
    • Unload with care to avoid damage to both the product and your back.
    • Systematically follow the assembly instructions provided by IKEA.
    • Employ a friend’s help to ensure a smooth and safe assembly process.
  7. Tips:
    • Wear protective gloves to safeguard your hands while handling and assembling.
    • Employ a trolley or dolly for easy movement from your vehicle to your assembly area.
    • Store small parts in a separate bag to prevent loss.


Getting a Billy Bookcase from the store to your home can be easy if you plan ahead! Make sure to check your car’s space and compare it with the bookcase box size.

If it doesn’t fit, no worries – consider using IKEA’s delivery service, renting a bigger vehicle, or asking a friend for help. Once it’s home, follow the instructions carefully to put it together.

And remember, let’s be kind to our planet – try to recycle the packaging or use it for something else. Happy assembling!