Best Vehicle for Transporting Tuba (an SUV?)

Tuba is an enormous brass instrument. Because it’s a little bigger than average, some people face difficulties while transporting it.

The Tuba will not fit in the trunk of some sedans, so you must put it in the back seat. This means you’ll have to give up space for other people. That will be a problem if you have large family members.

So, Will a Tuba Fit In An SUV?

The standard Tuba and its Hardcase can easily fit into an SUV or the trunk of an SUV. If you have a 3-row SUV, you can fold the rear seats to create more space, allowing you to transport several Tubas at a time.

In this article, I will explain how to transport tubas and which vehicles can easily transport tubas.

How Big is The Tuba?

Some Folks Playing a Tuba Instrument Pictures
Photo by Egor Myznik

Tubas bear a rather unique design-which complicates the transport aspect even more. The Tuba’s size will significantly influence the car you choose.

A typical Tuba that we see today is about 3.5 feet tall (or long) and weighs about 20 pounds. With a hard case, the size will increase by a few inches, but because of its square shape, a hard case actually makes the Tuba easy to transport.

Which Vehicle Would Be Best Suited For Transporting a Tuba?

With enough space and a steady chassis, any car can move your Tuba with minimal hustle. You can consider vehicles like the Subaru Impreza, Outback, Toyota Prius, high-drive SUVs, or even a Toyota Rav4. These cars will easily fit your Tuba and a few friends you might have with you.

The only difference is the cost; some of these cars are expensive to hire and fuel. The SUV attracts high fees at the hiring yard, and the Subaru is quite a guzzler.

How To Transport a Tuba Safely?

Tuba Fits in SUV

When transporting delicate instruments, stability is paramount. Even better, if you have a casing, any slight banging could render the dear piece soundless.

If you can, avoid public transport; the constant stops and moving to pave the way for other passengers will only put your instrument at risk.

Drive slowly to reduce impact in case of sudden braking. Lastly, strap the piece to one spot in the car to minimize sudden movements at corners and acceleration.