What Does QQ Mean on the License Plate? (Explained)

If you have come across a vehicle with a license plate written QQ, you might be wondering why the vehicle has that abnormal number.

Every vehicle must have a license plate to help identify it. The normal license plates help to understand the vehicle’s history from when it was manufactured, and the letter Q doesn’t appear on the normal license plates.

Therefore, the letter Q on a vehicle can raise eyebrows for those who don’t know its meaning. It’s used on those two categories of vehicles to show the vehicles are antique and are used for specific reasons within the United States.

In Short: QQ License Plate Meaning

A QQ license plate is a special license you can spot in any state in the United States. The vehicles with this kind of license plate indicate that:

The Vehicle Comes from Europe

The vehicle with a QQ number in the United States could be for an armed force working from Europe working in the United States. These places have a blue color to show that the owners are Americans.

The Vehicle is from Germany.

If the vehicle is made in Germany but used in the United States, it will still have a QQ license plate.

The Automotive is 25 Years Old and from Jersey.

Another reason a vehicle has a QQ license plate is to show that it’s an antique vehicle from Jersey and is 25 years old.

The vehicle must also have a historical registration to qualify for a QQ license plate.

However, a vehicle that is 25 years and with historic registration is not allowed to be driven in the US. The vehicle can only be used as a collector for exhibits and education purposes.

QQ license Plate Meaning

What is a License Plate?

To understand this article better, knowing a license plate is important. A license plate is an official sign with numbers and letters on the front and back of a car that shows the car’s history and who it belongs to.

Registering your car or acquiring a license plate is not free. You will need to pay a certain amount of money either yearly or for a specific number of years. License plates come in different colors, sizes, and designs.

Why Do You Need a License Plate?

Driving a vehicle in any country without a license plate is illegal since the government must know who owns the vehicle.

In case of any crime committed using a vehicle, it becomes easy to identify the car’s owner and have them take responsibility for their actions.

If the vehicle is stolen, it’s easy to identify the real owner of the vehicle and get it back to the owner.

It’s easy for the owners to identify their vehicles in the parking lot easily.

What Conditions Make a Vehicle Qualify for a QQ License Plate?

  • The vehicle’s age. To receive a QQ license, a vehicle must be 25 years old.
  • The condition of the vehicle. The vehicle must be in good condition to be given a QQ license. A vehicle that is not drivable can’t get this recognition.
  • Usage of the vehicle. When registering your vehicle as QQ, you should forget to use it for your routine work. You should convert your vehicle to an educational or exhibit vehicle.
  • It shouldn’t have any changes. The moment you have a QQ license for your vehicle, you must not change anything on the vehicle. The vehicle should remain the way it is forever.
  • Must belong to a collector as a collector item
  • The registration must be renewed every once after three years. It’s important to get updated on the DMV vehicles on the registration to ensure you do it right.

What is the Procedure for Registering for a QQ License?

If you are registering for a QQ license, you should follow these steps

  1. Have the Right Documents

You must have the documents required by DMV for you to be allowed to register for this license. Ensure you find out which documents are needed to have everything ready.

  1. Get the Application Form.

There is an application form you will need to fill in the information and submit for review. You should check with the DMV to see whether it’s available online or the right place to pick it up. Then, when you get the form, fill in the required information fully.

  1. Attachments

You will also have instructions on the documents you need to attach to the application form. Ensure you attach everything.

  1. Pay for the License.

Depending on the kind of vehicle you have, you will be charged accordingly. The fees could also differ depending on your state, so check the DMV website to know how much you will need for your QQ license.

Which are the Different Types of License Plates?

It’s with no doubt that you have seen different kinds of vehicles with different license plates. You could also have bought a new vehicle and are wondering which license plate you should acquire to drive it in the US. Vehicles have different license plates depending on their usage and condition.


Amateur is also called radio vehicles. These are vehicles owned by communication companies. These cars are classified into different groups and have different features according to their purpose.

Auto Dealer

Dealerships have license plates they put on the vehicle they sell.

When you buy a car from a dealership, you will be given a license number to help you avoid problems with the authority as you test the vehicle and ship it to your location.

These license plates are unique; anyone familiar with them will know they are dealership plates.

Classic Vehicle

The vehicles in this category are classic and special. The license plates for these vehicles are assigned to specific brands.

The condition of the vehicle and the type are among the factors considered when giving the vehicle this plate.

They are used for antique cars to show they are unique and classic.

Check for the requirements for one to apply for these plates to know whether your vehicle qualifies.

Antique Vehicle

Antique vehicles are rare, and that’s one of the reasons they are classified in this class.

Age is another aspect considered when classifying a vehicle as an antique vehicle.

You need to understand that not all states offer these licenses, so you must research to know the state where you can get a license plate for your antique vehicle.

The information on the DMV (Department of motor vehicles) will help you get a location where you can easily get a vehicle license.


If you have a bus, you will need a different license plate from the one you use on your smaller vehicles.

Get to know the requirement for your state when getting a license plate for your bus to ensure you have picked the right color and shape.

Fire Trucks

Fire trucks will also require unique license plates. Even though fire trucks are different from other vehicles and can be spotted from far, they belong to different companies, and hence they must be something to distinguish them. A license plate is the best identifier.

College or University Vehicles

If you own a college or university, you need a license plate meant for these institutions.

Vehicles bearing these license plates must be used alone for college or university transportation. Using these vehicles for any other purpose can lead you into trouble with the law.

Commercial Vehicles

These are vehicles used for business purposes. The owners of these vehicles use them to make a profit. For example, they could transport people or properties from one place to another at a fee. There is also a unique license plate used to identify these vehicles.

Combination Vehicles

You can use some vehicles as personal vehicles and still use them to make money. If you have such a multipurpose vehicle, ensure you have the right license plate to be safe.

Final Thoughts

You must get a license to use your vehicle in any country.

A license has many benefits that you should pay attention to. If applying for a QQ license, you must ensure your vehicle is among the vehicles allowed to use these licenses.

It’s also important to know the repercussions for registering your vehicle as a QQ, and you must be ready to adhere to the rules governing the ownership of these licenses.

Rules governing vehicle licensing change with time, so it’s always essential to check the DMV website for clarity.

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