Mercedes-Benz CLS in Snow & Winter Driving (Explained)

Mercedes Benz launched the improved model of its four-door coupe CLS IN 2021, with upgraded options and additional features. After selling 450,000 units all across the globe since the unveiling of the first generation, the Mercedes Benz CLS proved to be a good bet for the brand. This article will break down Mercedes Benz CLS’s performance in snow and winter.

When it comes to snow and winter, the Mercedes Benz CLS is a beast, courtesy of its outstanding features, such as its 4MATIC shooting brake that allows you to drive free and easy during winter.

Does Mercedes CLS do well in snow?

Mercedes-Benz CLS in Snow

The Mercedes Benz CLS is made suitable first by its powerful turbocharged engine, combined with its wide range of driving modes that are as follows: Eco, Sport Plus, Sport, Comfort, as well as Individual.

All these modes enable you to personalize the car’s performance to handle your preferred way of driving in winter and snow. Additionally, the car is quick, offers exceptional comfort, and has a wide range of technology features that make you feel confident driving in snow and winter.

The CLS also features a broad range of safety features that go a long way to cater to snow and winter driving. It offers an excellent balance of comfort as well as winter handling performance.

The CLS’s seats feature a combination of supple leather and firm padding for warmth during winter and to provide support and comfort during long drives in the cold season. The climate control system is also exquisite, making it ideal for all climatic conditions, including snow, winter, and rain.

Which Mercedes does CLS feature Will Improve Winter Driving?

4MATIC shooting brake

This feature accentuates the CLS’s classic design for snow and winter driving. The proportions of the shooting brakes establish maximum traction when driving in snow.

It helps the car automatically detect road conditions and adjust the 4ETS electronic traction control system to attain the most excellent achievable acceleration and minimize wheel slip, ensuring optimal directional stability in the long run.

This design enables the car to pull away under the most unfriendly conditions, for instance, when one side of the vehicle is on an iced slope or both pairs of wheels have minimal grip.

Direct control suspension

The direct control system helps the Mercedes Benz CLS attain an excellent standard of driving that makes it popular among its enthusiasts. This suspension features adaptive shock absorbers.

The system has a three-link front suspension and a multi-link rear suspension that automatically adjust to the varying driving condition by changing the damping forces, adjustments whose outcome is a significant enhancement in your winter drive.

Ground clearance

The Mercedes Benz has practicable ground clearance, sitting 4.7 inches above the ground, which is more than you need to drive your car on snowy roads. It also has a low center of gravity that minimizes the risk of rollovers, which is a top-notch safety feature.

All-wheel drive

This full-time feature continuously sends the power to all the wheels, with slightly more power being supplied to the rear wheels during ordinary drives.

Electronic Stability program

The ESP feature keenly monitors your driving inputs as well as the car’s motion to keep you from losing control in the event that snow causes you to oversteer or understeer.

Torque Brake Vectoring

The Torque Braking Vectoring feature enhances the car’s handling features by automatically supplying a level of brake pressure to the inner wheels when you are cornering in snow.

Anti-lock Braking System

The ABS characteristic prevents the vehicle’s wheels from locking up whenever you brake heavily, therefore maintaining high levels of control, which minimizes the chances of skidding in snow.

Does Mercedes-Benz CLS Have Snow Mode?

The Mercedes Benz has a snow mode that helps you make the appropriate snow driving adjustments to the engine as well as transmission settings. The older versions lack a dedicated drive mode, but you can still select the ECO mode that makes similar adjustments as the snow mode itself.

Do Mercedes-Benz CLS Need Snow Tires?

The Mercedes Benz CLS is well built to handle snow on its original tires. Therefore, you necessarily do not need to fit it with snow tires. However, you can add snow tires to get enhanced traction.

Mercedes-Benz CLS in Snow with Snow Tires

How Much Snow Can a Mercedes-Benz CLS Handle?

The Mercedes Benz CLS is perfect for driving in snow, mainly due to its 4MATIC AWD feature. This car is a great choice even in the toughest of winter conditions, courtesy of its broad range of features that include heated seats for safety and comfort in the raging cold.

Is the Mercedes-Benz CLS reliable?

Typically, the CLS is reliable. It has particularly won a top rating due to its quality interior. Its durability, high-performances, and low maintenance are additional points of reliability.

Is 4MATIC good in snow?

4MATIC is good in snow since it gives the vehicle enhanced handling on all terrains. Additionally, this feature adjusts the speeds of individual wheels, which helps the car handle the unevenness caused by snow on the road surface.

Final Words

Indeed, we cannot overstress the fact that the Mercedes Benz CLS is ideal for snow and winter driving, given its exceptional features, including the incredible 4MATIC feature, all-wheel drive feature, and all the other features listed and explained in the article above. Therefore, if you are considering buying a car that will offer you great driving in snow and winter, or all seasons, you can never miss the mark with the Mercedes Benz CLS!