You Can Jump-start an SUV with a Car (Here’s How)

Jumping an SUV with a car would be challenging if it was in the literal sense: setting up a ramp, revving your engine in anticipation before barrelling down the streets with speed, and jumping over the thing. But you’re not a stuntman (probably not), and all you need to know is how to jump-start the battery.

Can you jump an SUV with a car?

Yes, you can jump-start an SUV with a car battery, and it’s safe. Both use 12V so that they can jump-start each other without any problems. To do that, you have to be careful not to cause accidents or damage to vehicle components.

Jump-start a flat car battery pictures

So let’s get started; I’ll break down to you step-by-step how to easily jump-start an SUV.

Jumper cables

The first thing you will need is some jumper cables. Most people have a pair or know someone who does (usually the person you will call for a boost); if not, you’re going to have to buy a pair, which you can find at any car retailer.

Now that you have your cables pull your car up close enough to the SUV so that the wires will reach from the car battery to the battery of the SUV. Turn off the car, and pop the hood of both vehicles.

Where to attach which cables

The next part is important, so pay attention because it is vital to remember where to clip which cable.

Always remember that the red cables need to be hooked to the positive nodes of the batteries. The blue – or black, whichever color it is – needs to be connected to the negative nodes, or as experts recommend it, clip one blue cable to the negative node of the dead battery and the other to a bare piece of metal.

I would recommend the latter for safety reasons, but either is fine. Both are safe, but connecting to a bare piece of metal is ideal to ensure no sparks will fly; it is simple enough to clip it to somewhere along with the car’s frame.

To remember which color needs to be attached to which node of the battery, try to make a mental association, such as RED is warm and a POSITIVE color, while BLUE is sad and a NEGATIVE color.

What order to attach them in

Attach the red clips first to the positive nodes of each vehicle: positive to positive. Attach first the red clip to the dead battery, then attach the other red clip to the car’s battery.

Next, clip the blue (or black) clip to the metal ground or negative node of the dead battery, then the other blue clip to the car’s battery. Now that the jumper cables are securely and safely attached hop into the car and start up the engine.

Charging the battery

Once the car is running, let the engine sit for a few minutes, which will charge up the dead car’s battery. Jump into the SUV and start it up. If the cables are correctly connected, the SUV will start.

All it needed was a little juice from the other battery, or a Jump’, as it’s referred to.

Unclipping the Cables

Let the Car ideal for a minute or two before unclipping cables in the reverse order of how you clipped them on: detach the negative clip from the previously dead battery, then the negative from the ground, then the positive from the previously dead battery, then the positive from the car.

Giving the battery time to recharge

Now that the car is running and you are ready to go, I would recommend letting it ideal even longer (this would be an excellent opportunity to chat with whoever came with their car to give you a jump and thank them) or drive around for at least ten to twenty minutes.

And that’s all there is to it. It’s not exactly rocket science, but it is a good life skill to know. You will undoubtedly have to jump a car at some point in your life, and knowledge is power.

Don’t be that guy or girl that is clueless when it comes to car maintenance.

Have your battery checked regularly to make sure it still has a good charge on it. Jump starting a vehicle can be done with any live battery from any car, no matter the size of the make or the model. Safe travels.