Proper Jack Size for an SUV: is a 2-ton Jack Enough?

Jack stands are used to lift vehicles off the ground or raise them to be moved from place to place. There are many different types of jacks available in the market today.

Some are designed specifically for use with SUVs, while others have been modified to work well with this particular style of vehicle. The following tips will give you a clear understanding of which kind of jack you need.

How heavy is your SUV?

Each car jack type has its maximum load capacity based on how much it weighs. The heavier the vehicle, the more influential the jack needs to be. It’s necessary to know what size jack you need before purchasing any product because if you get the wrong sized jack, you may damage your vehicle when using it.

You should also make sure that the jack you buy is compatible with your vehicle, as some models come equipped with unique features such as anti-tip devices. If you do not want these extra features, you must ensure that your purchase jack does not include them.

This way, you will avoid having to pay additional money for something you did not ask for. For instance, most sedans weigh between 1,500kg and 2,000 kg, but some larger ones like the Ford Explorer weighing around 3,200kg.

These large vehicles usually require at least three-tonne jacks. However, although they are powerful, they are still considered light-duty jacks since their maximum load capacity is only about half of those found on medium-duty trucks.

In short: a two-ton jack will be enough for raising a corner of a small car or a sedan. A pickup truck or SUV may require double that rating (4 tons) to provide the necessary margin of safety. Although in some circumstances, a two-ton jack is also sufficient for an SUV.

Jack for SUV pictures

which is fits for SUV, Bottle Jack or Floor Jack?

The standard type of jack is known as a “floor” jack. This means that it sits flat against the surface where it’s being used. It consists of an upright pole attached to a base plate. A handle is provided to allow the user to move the jack into position under the vehicle.

Floor jacks are generally suitable for lifting cars and vans. They’re easy to operate and don’t take long to set up. However, you can’t use them to lift anything over 4 meters high.

Bottle jacks are similar to floor jacks except that instead of sitting flat against the surface, they sit inside a container filled with water.

When activated by turning a valve, the water flows out through nozzles located along the sides of the container. As the water rises, it pushes upwards on the bottom of the container until the vehicle’s weight lifts it off the ground.

Bottle jacks are ideal if the lift points are close to the chassis’s edge. In contrast, floor jacks provide wider reach beneath the vehicle and are available in low-profile variants that are beneficial if your suspension is close to the ground.

If you own a truck or a large SUV, your vehicle may have come standard with a bumper jack.

These jacks are higher and hook up underneath your vehicle’s bumper. They can be handy for a flat tire in a pinch, but they are unstable and should not be used for any major mechanical work.

Should You Get Jack Stands?

If your only need is to change a flat tire, you don’t need jack stands. It’s different when you do serious mechanical work that requires you to be under a vehicle. Then a jack stand is a must.

Jack Stands for SUV

Jack stands are another popular option for people who wish to lift their vehicles. Unlike floor jacks, they consist of a pair of telescopic legs connected to a central post. Each leg contains one or more wheels that roll across the ground.

When activated, the legs extend outward and push upward on the underside of the vehicle. Once lifted, you can easily maneuver the car away from the area. A disadvantage of jack stands is that they tend to be rather bulky and difficult to store. Also, they have limited use in areas without firm surfaces. For example, they won’t work well on dunes or gravel roads.

Best Jack for a SUV (not affiliate)

Below I have selected the best options that I have found, classifying them according to the type of jack and the vehicle’s weight. Most of them are on amazon since it’s a very accessible and safe option for everyone.

SUV less than 1500 kg

For a lightweight SUV or crossovers like a Mazda CX-3, Nissan Kicks, and Hyundai Venue, a 2-ton jack is more than enough.

2 tons portable jacks:

  • CPROSP Scissor Jack for car/SUV/MPV (4400 lbs / 2T Load). With a price of $27 on Amazon.
  • Everbest4u Scissor Jack 2T Car Scissor Jack with Hand Crank Portable RV Stabilizers for Sedan and Coupe. With a price of $33.95 on Amazon.

Both options offer 2 tons of load and a lifting height of 110-450 mm. They would be the most economical options, although they seem like a good option if it’s to carry in the car in case of emergencies.

2 tons Hydraulic jacks:

  • Pro-Lift B-002D Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack – 2 Ton Capacity. Current Price is $21.90
  • BIG RED T90213 Torin Hydraulic Welded Bottle Jack with Blow Mold Carrying Storage Case, 2 Ton (4,000 lb) Capacity.

Both options are very economical and perfect to carry in an emergency. The biggest problem with this type of jacks is that they don’t have much lift travel and therefore there can be problems if the car is very high or if you need to lift a lot.

SUV between 1500kg and 2500kg:

In this case, a 2.5 or 3-ton jack is enough.

3 tons Scissor Jack:

  • STANDTALL Electric Car Jack Car Floor Jack 3 Ton All-in-one Automatic 12v Scissor Lift Jack Car Repair Tool for Sedans and SUV
  • ALIXUEQIN 3 ton(6614LBS) Steel Scissor Jack, car Jack kit, Suitable for All Cars/suvs/MPV Screw Rod Lifting Jacks with Ratchet Wrenches

4 tons hydraulic jacks:

  • Pro-Lift B-004D Grey Hydraulic Bottle Jack – 4 Ton Capacity. With Price $24,35.
  • Torin T90413 Big Red Hydraulic Bottle Jack with Carrying Case, 4 Ton (8,000 lb) Capacity. Current Price $25.99.

Car Jack FAQ

Can I use my car jack to raise my boat?

Yes! Most car jacks are explicitly designed to support boats. Some manufacturers provide instructions on how to adapt their products to be used to lift boats. If you plan to use your car jack to lift your boat, you’ll probably find that it requires a different kind of stand than you would typically use. Boat stands typically contain two pairs of telescoping legs.

Can I Use a 2 Ton Jack on an SUV?

Yes, You Can. Most manufacturers recommend using a two-ton jack on a vehicle that weighs less than five tons. If your vehicle has a gross weight rating greater than five tons, then you may want to consider purchasing a heavier version.

The GWR represents the total combined weight of all passengers, cargo, fuel, etc., so if you add them together, you get the vehicle’s overall weight. Here’s how to calculate the GWR: Gross Weight Rating Total Vehicle Weight + Cargo

How do I know what size jack I need?

You will usually find the recommended jack size listed somewhere near the manufacturer’s nameplate. However, there are some exceptions. For instance, most Ford models come equipped with a three-ton jack, while GM trucks typically weigh between six and eight tons. So even though both make recommendations based on the same GWR, the actual weight ratings differ. Also, not every brand offers a complete line of jacks.

How much does a jack cost?

You can expect to pay anywhere from $100-$300 per jack. This price includes installation costs but doesn’t include any accessories like ramps or dollies. Some dealerships also charge extra fees for shipping and handling. And don’t forget about taxes and licensing.

What is better – Floor Jacks or Bottle Jacks?

Floor jacks are generally cheaper than bottle jacks because they require fewer parts. On top of that, they’re easier to install since they only need to be placed under the vehicle. However, floor jacks aren’t very stable when used alone. That means you might end up having to prop up the car yourself. On the flip side, bottle jacks are more versatile.


We hope you now understand why choosing the right type of jack is essential from the above information. Having the proper knowledge before buying will help ensure that you purchase something that works best for you.