Hyundai Venue in Snow & Winter Driving (Explained)

Hyundai venue is an SUV car with superior features, like Snow mode, hybrid car, etc. It is quite affordable for a crossover, efficient in its fuel use, and along with a new engine, generous tech, huge cabins, and many more options that make Hyundai Venue very attractive for many compact SUV lovers.

If you are looking for a car to drive in a snowy region, you will need to know first how the car performs in the snow, how it would perform in the winter, the options for snow tires, etc. Luckily, the Hyundai Venue offers its special snow mode, specifically designed for winter terrain.

How is Hyundai Venue in the snow?

Hyundai Venue is considered a compact SUV that could be used on all kinds of roads, from city roads, countryside rocky roads, hilly roads, sandy beach roads, and snow driving.

Hyundai has been beefing up its line-up of SUVs since 2019, and now the newest addition brings many more features and technologies to the SUV.

Hyundai Venue in the snow
Hyundai Venue in The Heavy Snowstorm.Credit:

Hyundai Venue is the right vehicle and most ideal for city driving and urban areas. However, many people have been wondering how the Hyundai Venue would perform on the snow and winter roads, how it would go without special winter tires, whether there is winter mode or not, and how it is generally comfy for winter roads or not. 

First, you need to know that Hyundai Venue is a front-wheel drive vehicle, meaning that it is only two front-wheel drive, not so recommended for hilly or snowy roads. This is because only two forward wheels will turn when driving an FWD. It can be challenging when driving on a snowy road in FWD without special snow tires since it can cause slipping and sliding easily. 

If you are going to drive in snow and winter for more than 10 percent of your car’s lifetime, then it is recommended to buy another SUV car that has AWD or 4WD SUV. After all, the Hyundai Venue is designed for city roads and urban highways, not snowy and bumpy roads. 

Suppose you insist on using the Hyundai venue for snow and winter driving. In that case, you might need to install winter tires, and luckily, you can install them along with many additional features for the Hyundai Venue. Even though this SUV car is quite small in figures, there are also a lot of features and additional upgrades for the Hyundai venue you can install. 

Which Hyundai Venue Features Will Improve Winter Driving?

Hyundai Venue is a 2WD car, making them quite comfortable for city driving but terrible for off-road or deep snow driving, especially when going uphill. However, several features help your Hyundai Venue drive in the snow, such as the snow mode and 2WD traction mode. These features will let you drive more comfortably in the snow, prevent slipping, and enable going uphill in winter. 

So, how do these features help the Venue drive in the snow, and how does it perform in thick snow with more than 6-inches of snow? Here are some Hyundai Venue features that will help improve winter and snow driving. 

Snow Mode in 2WD Traction mode

Hyundai Venue has a built-in traction mode that will let the driver choose its traction mode, depending on where he drives and the road conditions.

There are six traction modes: urban driving, mud, snow, sand, dirt, and highway. These traction modes enable the 2WD system of the Venue to gain more traction and divert more power to grip the road.

So, how does it works? It works automatically by detecting the speed of wheel rotation. If the wheel’s rotation speed is faster than normal conditions, that means the wheels don’t get much traction on the road, and it can be dangerous since less traction means more chances of slipping on the road. These conditions happen mostly on wet and snowy roads.

Then the automatic 2WD traction mode will turn the tires system to gain more traction, making it automatic snow mode for the 2WD system of Hyundai Venue.


The Venue also comes with a fog light that will be handy when driving late at night in the snow, as the visibility is very low, and the fog light will be nice to illuminate your road. 

Cabin Heater

This is, of course, a mandatory feature for the car to have in a snowy region. The heater is a very nice feature that will let you warm and toasty inside your car’s cabin, and the seat warmer still works when the car stops, which means it is a very useful feature to have for snowy days.

Does a Hyundai Venue Have Snow Mode?

Yes, Hyundai Venue has snow mode and comes in its 2WD traction mode. The 2WD traction mode offers different modes for driving off-road, from sand, mud, and snow.

The 2WD traction mode will detect how much traction the tires of your car get, and if more traction is needed, it will switch to a suitable mode. The snow mode will come in handy on snowy and slippery roads.

However, the Hyundai venue is still a small SUV car initially designed for urban driving and unsuitable for complete off-road or heavy snow. Sure, 2WD traction mode can handle quite a few inches of snow. However, if the snow is getting heavier, more than 6-inches, and going uphill, you are better getting an SUV with 4WD that will get you more power and grip.

Can You Install Additional Snow Gear on Hyundai Venue?

Hyundai Venue is a small SUV with a 2WD traction system, responsive steering, and a regenerative braking system. Even though a small SUV is mostly suitable for urban driving and highway only, the Hyundai venue has its 2WD traction system that will let the tires switch to certain modes such as snow, mud, dirt, and sand. 

This, in turn, makes the Hyundai venue can be used without needing too much additional snow gear. However, don’t rely too much on the Venue snow mode, as it can only handle a few flurries of snow and will become harder to drive if used in thick snow and uphill. This is where you will need to install additional snow gear.

You can install many snow gear on the Hyundai venue, such as snow tires, additional lighting, power steering, upgrading the braking system, etc. 

How Much Snow Can A Venue Handle?

Hyundai Venue could handle around 2 to 5 inches of snow comfortably, and when the snow starts piling up and more than 6-inches of snow, you need to change your tires into snow tires. 

If you live in an area where you expect to drive more than 5%-10% in snow, then the Hyundai venue might not be a good choice. This car is designed for urban, city driving, and when used in thick snows, especially for uphill voyages, it can be quite hard for Venue. 

Do Venue Need Snow Tires?

So, does the Hyundai venue need snow tires? Or is it perfectly fine to use Venue tires and trust its control with the 2WD traction?

Well, that depends on how much snow is on the road. The 2WD is only suitable for urban driving and will prove quite hard when used on rough terrains, such as mud, dirt, uphill, and snow. However, with the 2WD traction mode, Venue can handle some snow better than you think.

If the snow is just around 2-5 inches of snow, then the traction mode from Venue can still handle it quite well. You might need to adjust and learn first how to maneuver it on snowy roads, though, as the braking system and tractions can be quite rough on snowy roads.

However, if you are seeing snow of more than 6-inches, and planning to use a Venue in snow heavy region, then you would need to use snow tires for your Venue. You might consider getting 4WD cars that can handle a lot of snow and a bumpy uphill road. 

Final Words

So overall, Venue isn’t a bad car to use for snowy roads; however, since it is a small SUV with a 2WD system, it might not be the best in this condition, and you are better off with something like a 4WD car.