Hyundai Accent in Snow & Winter Driving (Detailed)

Hyundai Accent is one of the newest 2022 releases cars from Hyundai, comes with spry driving looks, elegant with modern style, dignified styling, and a straightforward interior.

It comes with accessible pricing, is quite frugal on fuel efficiency, and is nicely equipped with features and tech. The only cons of this car come from its unrefined engine, snug rears seating and top speed. 

It is a stylish and elegant car that can be used for urban driving and fast highways, however, how does it work in winter and snow driving? Can it perform well when driving through the snow on slippery roads?

So, Is Hyundai Accent Good in Snow?

Hyundai Accent is a car that doesn’t have an All-wheel drive or four-wheel drive option, which means that when driving in snow, hills, or rough terrains, it will be quite hard to do.

It can be quite challenging to drive a front-wheel-drive in the snow, as it can be quite slippery and lose its traction easily. Even with some additional features for the winter gear Hyundai’s, the accent car might not be the best for snow, especially thicker snow.

Hyundai’s accent can handle quite a bit of snow, thanks to the stable steering, wither tires, and option for snow mode. However, since it is still FWD when driving in thick snow, you will need to change into winter tires so you won’t slip up as easily and gain extra traction. 

So, is Accent good in snow? If you are living in Snow Belt regions, where you will see a lot of snow every year, and driving through some thick snows of more than 6-inches, then it is best to get a 4-wheel drive car.

However, for small-scale snow every year, living in suburbs that see quite a bit of snow, then the Hyundai accent is good enough to drive on the snow road. 

New Hyundai Accent

Which Hyundai Accent Features Will Improve Winter Driving?

Hyundai Accent features a lot of improvements, technologies, and functions that can be used to improve the car’s performance when driving in snow.

There are many features that you will enjoy when driving in the snow, such as the heated car seats, heated outside mirrors and front mirrors, the snow and fog light, and the snow mode provided by Hyundai.

  • Heated car seats 

This feature is a must in your car, as it turns your car more comfortable, and lets you feel warm and comfy in the car. Heated car seats will also still be turned on when the car is stopped, therefore you can enjoy the warm seats even though you are parking.

  • Snow Mode

Snow mode lets you switch your tires and traction control to gain more traction on the roads, enhancing your control, and making your driving more stable than ever before. It is a must-have feature for the car if you want to drive safely on the snow road. 

  • Heated front and outside mirrors

These features let the outside mirrors, and front mirrors are heated when driving, preventing the hazy mirrors that block your vision.

Does A Hyundai Accent Have Snow Mode?

Hyundai Accent has 4 drive options mode, normal mode, dirt, sand, and snow mode. This mode is used to drive in different situations of road, from the highway, suburbs street, dirt, sand, and snow.

The snow, sand, and dirt will be activated if the car detects the tires was rotating faster than their usual speed, meaning that the tire significantly loses its traction, and slip easily on the road. 

Hyundai Accent Driving Mode

Snow mode in Hyundai accent could give your car extra traction, and improve driving experiences when you are driving in the snow. It also improves safety and gives you more stable control of the car.

When driving in quite heavy snow, with more than 2-inches of snow on the road, it is recommended to combine the Hyundai Accent with the snow tires, for better control.

Can You Install Additional Snow Gear?

Yes, you can, you can install quite a lot of snow gear that enhances you’re driving in the snow, such as the snow tires, stronger fog light, and so on for Hyundai Accent. 

Does Hyundai Accent Need Snow Tires?

Hyundai Accent is still, after all, the car that only has FWD options. Not having an All-wheel-drive meaning that it limits the capability of the car when driving in winter, and on slippery roads. It is best to use Snow tires for the Hyundai accent, then combine it with the snow mode from the Hyundai, therefore you will get more control on the roads, and safely drive on slippery, snowy roads.

You can install the snow tires along with much additional snow gear, such as the car seat heater, mirrors heater, and so on. It is recommended if you live in Snow Belt, like Canada, Scandinavia, and the Northern part of the US, to have snow tires ready for the winter.

Final Thought

Overall, the Hyundai Accent is in any way a good, quite affordable car from Hyundai, with many additional benefits of having a cool, stylish car that comes with quite an affordable range.

When performing in the snow, normally the FWD vehicle like Hyundai accent will have worse performance than the 4WD, or AWD. The Hyundai Accent though still performs quite well, when combined with snow tires, and its snow mode.

If you are living in winter heavy regions, where you will drive in more than 6-inches of snow, then you might want to get a car that has 4WD, more heavy-duty than the Hyundai Accent, however, if you are living in suburban, or city region that only gets a bit of snow and rain, then Hyundai accent Front-wheel drive is more than enough for you.