Ford Focus in Snow & Winter Driving (Explained)

The word is out, the Ford Focus is not being produced for sales in the United States. That means that after 20 years you can’t get a new Focus in this country.

However, you can still get a used Ford Focus at a reasonably good used price. With its great power, and top handling ability it is a car that can be driven over snow and ice without worry. Just put on a good set of winter tires. Just keep reading to find out more about how The ford Focus handles the snow.

Is the Ford Focus good in the snow?

There is a good reason why the Ford Focus handles well in snowy conditions. It has front-wheel drive and the added traction makes it ideal for snow driving. Most owners have reported a good driving experience even when they were running regular tires on their Focus.

Ford Focus RS Drive in The Snow

Some owners reported that they got their best performance when they replaced the stock summer tires with a set of top-of-the-line winter tires. That may be the only difference you will need to get the same type of results.

However, a driver’s ability or skill to drive in the snow plays a large role in how this vehicle performs. It is not always the car’s fault for bad performance.

Which Ford Focus Features Will Improve Winter Driving?

Since the Ford Focus has been in production for roughly 20 years, and fact that there were different trims made over those years., the features that help driving in the snow may vary.

One feature that stands out will be the front-wheel drive. The weight of the engine helps keep those tires firmly planted on the roadway, snow or no snow. That extra weight makes sure you have the traction that you need every time you set out on your journey.

Another feature will be the anti-lock braking system. This will help you avoid sliding into the side of the road. Your car should stop easier making it safer to drive in slippery conditions.

Does Ford Focus Have Snow Mode?

No, it does not. We have checked the specs sheets and so on, and there is no mention of this feature being placed in the Ford Focus. The car does come with eco-mode but that is only to help your fuel mileage.

There does not seem to be any feature directly related to driving in the snow installed in this vehicle. The car may have traction control which may help you drive in the snow a little better.

If it does, that feature may be restricting your throttle response when engaged. At least one owner has said it is not good to have engaged when driving on ice.

Do Ford Focus Need Snow Tires?

Ford Focus With Snow Tires

Yes and no. In some cases, like driving on freeways and highways, it is not to your advantage to drive with snow tires. Your regular summer tires will work just fine. Many owners have reported this result.

But if you live in an area with deep snow, bad roads, unpaved driveways, etc., then you would need to put snow tires on your vehicle. Owners have reported great success when they have done this.

The key to using snow tires is to know when to put them on and when to take them off. You do not want to use them in warm weather or even in slightly cool weather.

How Much Snow Can A Ford Focus

If the snow is going to be over 10 inches, you may have a little trouble navigating the roads till the snow has been packed down. That is the best guess estimate as every driver has their own story on how much snow they have driven their vehicle.

Some people may be spinning some tall tales so you never know for sure until you get out on the road with your Focus. Keep in mind that 10 inches is quite deep and some models may not handle that much snow. It will depend on the trim of the Focus as to how deep the snow must be before you can’t drive in it.

Is Ford Focus reliable?

The answer to this question will vary. That is because Ford made many models and trim packages over the years and each model and trim will respond differently.

In some tests, the Ford Focus rated 4 out of 5 for reliability. That is a good rating but many cars get that same rating so it is nothing to cheer about. Then the 2012 & 2014 models placed 9th and 12th on the 20 worst car lists.

What that tells you is that reliability is flexible and depends on the model and model year of the vehicle. Pick the year you want to own and research it to make sure it is reliable.

Some final words

This is a good car and you know it is a good car as it was made for 20 years. The Ford Edsel barely made 2 or 3 years before being scrapped. The Ford Focus should drive well in the snow as long as you are capable of driving in the snow. The car’s performance depends on the driver.