Chrysler Aspen in Snow and Winter Driving (Explained)

The Chrysler Aspen is a very competent large SUV. Although it was discontinued in 2009, the Aspen in used condition still attracts the attention of many people.

In the used market, you can get the Chrysler Aspen for less than $9,000, which is a pretty good deal for a full-size SUV with a powerful HEMI V8 engine, all-wheel drive, a spacious interior that can accommodate up to 8 passengers, and reliable towing capacity.

Undoubtedly, the Chrysler Aspen is suitable for driving in all road conditions thanks to its high ground clearance, AWD, and powerful engine. But what about winter driving?

In this article, I’ll look closely at Aspen’s capabilities when driving in winter snow and ice.

So, Is Chrysler Aspen Good in Snow?

As a full-size SUV, the Chrysler Aspen can handle snow very well, even deep snow, thanks to its high ground clearance.

In addition, the Aspen is equipped with heated seats and defrost, which will keep you warm when you are driving in winter.

However, the Chrysler Aspen comes with two drive models, namely rear-wheel drive (RWD) and all-wheel drive (AWD), so you need to be a bit more careful in choosing which model you will get.

Chrysler Aspen Pictures

Chrysler Aspen with All-wheel drive is certainly more recommended for driving in the snow, by adding suitable winter tires, your Chrysler Aspen will turn into a solid winter vehicle.

On the contrary, RWD models are not recommended, especially for this snow situation. RWD is known to be very lousy when it comes to slippery roads; it will easily slip and be difficult to control.

Alternatively, you can add some sandbags in the trunk to increase the weight and the traction on the rear wheels; that will help a bit. But in general, I would try to avoid rear-wheel drive for winter driving.

Which Chrysler Aspen Features Will Improve Winter Driving?

As a decade-old SUV, we can’t expect it to have as many advanced features as today’s SUVs. But at least the Chrysler Aspen has some basic elements that make it “good enough” for winter driving. These include:

All-wheel Drive

As I mentioned, the Aspen comes with two drivetrain models, one of which is All-wheel drive.

With All-wheel drive, the wheels will move on all four sides according to the needs.

When driving in snow, the presence of AWD will make it easy for the vehicle to move stably and not slip easily on slick roads. However, not all models come with All-wheel drive; you need to pay attention to your model.

High Ground Clearance

A high-ground clearance will be handy when we find ourselves on a road that has yet to be plowed. With high ground clearance, you can cross even deep snow.

Heated Seat

We all know how miserable it is to ride in the winter without a heater. The Chrysler Aspen has heaters and defrosters that keep you warm inside.

Does Chrysler Aspen Need Winter Tires? Yes!

You need a good pair of winter tires regardless of the type of car and drivetrain you have.

The Aspen does have AWD to make it run in the snow, but winter tires have better traction than all-season tires. That good traction allows the vehicle to drive and stop safely.

How Much Snow Can an Aspen Handle? 

The Chrysler Aspen can handle more than 5 inches of snow thanks to its 6.9-inch ground clearance and all-wheel drive.