15 Cars with Large Trunks Space for 2024

When shopping for a new car, trunk capacity is key if you regularly transport cargo or luggage. Fortunately, today’s sedans and hatchbacks integrate more versatile, spacious cargo holds than ever while still delivering style and performance.

This list highlights 15 popular cars offering exceptionally roomy trunks that truly facilitate everyday utility and driving enjoyment. Whether hitting the road for a long trip or making a run to the hardware store, these models enable you to haul ample gear without compromise.

1. Volkswagen Arteon – (27.2 ft³)

Volkswagen Arteon Massive Cargo Space

The Volkswagen Arteon sedan tops our list for cargo volume, providing an impressively versatile 27.2 cubic feet of space behind its rear seats.

Fold those seats down, and maximum capacity grows to cavernous 55.5 cubic feet – enough to transport just about anything.

This exceptional roominess combines seamlessly with Arteon’s premium interior appointments and understated exterior styling to create a refined and flexible package.

Potent yet efficient engine options, nimble handling dynamics, and VW’s trademark precision build quality reinforce this sedan’s appeal.

2. Tesla Model S – (25.0 ft³)

The pioneering Tesla Model S demonstrates the freedom afforded by an EV-based design, maximizing interior dimensions since no large gas engine or exhaust system needs accommodation up front.

Capitalizing on its skateboard battery architecture, the Model S supplies 25 cubic feet of rear storage behind its second row – matching some large SUVs. By folding the second row of seats, this EV will get enough space to transport large items, such as a 65-inch LED TV.

The front “frunk” also adds supplemental room for impressive overall versatility.

3. Audi A7 (24.9ft³)

Audi A7 Large Trunk

The rakish Audi A7 brings a dash of coupe-like style to the midsize luxury segment without sacrificing real-world flexibility.

Its rear hatch opening reveals nearly 25 cubic feet of cargo space behind the second row – enough room for bulkier items.

Fold down the 40/20/40 split-folding back seats, and the capacity expands to 49.1 cubic feet.

Sleek exterior lines house the handsome, tech-heavy interior, complete with contemporary features and posh materials.

4. Honda Civic Hatchback (24.5 ft³)

Honda Civic Hatchback Trunk Capacity

Proving big utility can come in small packages, the 2024 Honda Civic hatchback supplies an improbable 24.5 cubic feet of rear cargo space within its compact dimensions. The low lift-over height simplifies loading heavy items too.

Rear seat legroom remains adult-friendly as well, making the Civic hatchback a nimble runabout ready to adapt to varying demands. Value, efficiency, and utility converge beautifully here.

5. Acura Integra (24.3 ft³)

Acura Integra Trunk Space

An icon reborn, the 2023 Integra brings back a beloved small luxury liftback body style with contemporary refinement.

Aiming to compete with the Audi A3 and Mercedes CLA-Class for entry-luxury buyers, the Integra blends premium accommodations, eager handling, and hatchback practicality.

Its cargo hold beats most in its segment, with over 24 cubic feet available behind the rear seats – ideal for airport runs or shopping sprees.

6. Kia Stinger (23.3 ft³)

Kia Stinger Cargo Space

The athletic Kia Stinger demonstrates that a practical hatchback trunk can beautifully coexist with thrilling performance abilities.

This sleek fastback sedan supplies over 23 cubic feet of cargo space behind its rear seats – enough room for several large suitcases or a major grocery run. Fold the rear seats down, and the maximum capacity grows to a cavernous 40.9 cubic feet.

Yet the Stinger also delivers sharp handling courtesy of an available rear-wheel-drive platform, 365-horsepower turbocharged V6 engines on GT trims, and a high-tech adaptive suspension system.

Around town and out on curvy back roads, the rear-drive Stinger handles precisely while delivering a supple ride quality.

Generous standard features include dual-zone climate control, an 8-inch touchscreen, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, LED exterior lighting and forward collision warning.

Splurge on the top GT2 trim and you’ll enjoy ventilated Nappa leather seats, a concert-quality sound system and a surround-view parking camera – true luxury. Yet utility never suffers, with room for five adults plus serious cargo versatility.

7. Jaguar XF (17.8ft³)

Jaguar XF Trunk Space

Sleek yet practical, the Jaguar XF sedan provides 17.8 cubic feet of trunk space, readily swallowing multiple packed suitcases or a week’s worth of groceries.

The low lift-over height enables easy loading as well. This British-bred sedan also excels dynamically, with agile moves stemming from its aluminium-intensive architecture and communicative steering.

Turbocharged four- and six-cylinder engines supply eager motivation while the handsome cabin indulges occupants in contemporary luxury.

8. Lexus LS 500 (17.0 ft³)

Lexus LS Luxury Sedan

Upholding Lexus’s deserved reputation for quality craftsmanship blended with everyday usability, the flagship LS 500 sedan integrates 17 cubic feet of handy trunk space to transport bulky items with grace.

Expand that room further by folding down the split rear seat backs. Quiet cabin insulation provides a serene haven from the world outside, while the 416-horsepower twin-turbo V6 engine supplies smooth, powerful acceleration when called upon.

This polished four-door artfully blends pragmatism with legitimate luxury appointments.

9. BMW 3 Series (17.0 ft³)

2024 BMW 3 Series

Over seven generations, the BMW 3 Series has earned acclaim for balancing driving enjoyment and real-world versatility.

The 2024 variant aims to continue that proud lineage, supplying 17 cubic feet of handy cargo room behind its standard split folding rear seats – enough space to transport bulkier items easily.

Yet dynamic excellence remains paramount as well – ride comfort and interior refinement improve, while quick, communicative steering and balanced handling breed confidence when hustling down curvy roads.

10. Honda Accord (16.7 ft³)

New Honda Accord Pictures

With decades of praise garnered for quality, reliability, and spaciousness, the 2024 Honda Accord offers impressive utility within its midsize sedan dimensions.

Nearly 17 cubic feet of trunk volume noticeably out-hauls most peers, sliding between midsize and full-size competitors.

That exceptional roominess combines with Honda’s familiar formula of composed handling dynamics, refined powertrains, and high-value offerings.

If you seek satisfying driving character and family-friendly flexibility, the Accord aims to over-deliver on expectations.

11. Dodge Charger (16.5 ft³)

Dodge Charger Tail Light

The unapologetic Dodge Charger muscle sedan proves brawny performance and practicality can harmoniously coexist.

Behind its aggressive, coke-bottle bodywork lies an impressively versatile 16.5 cubic foot trunk, enough space to handle luggage for a weekend trip or that new big-screen television with ease.

The Charger supplements its cargo-hauling talents with brash V8 power, ranging from a satisfying 293 horse to a pavement-rippling 717-horsepower supercharged 6.2-liter V8 in the Hellcat Redeye. Even the base V6 provides a pleasing punch.

12. Chrysler 300 (16.3 ft³)

Red Chrysler 300

Sharing its chassis with the Charger underneath more upright sheet metal, the boldly styled Chrysler 300 also claims an advantage in usable trunk room compared to many sedans.

Offering 16.3 cubic feet of welcoming space, the 300’s cargo hold can easily accommodate bulkier items.

Pair that with the available 363-horsepower 5.7-liter HEMI V8 muscle, assertive styling, and agile moves beyond its full-size dimensions, and this throwback Chrysler claims diverse talents. Stellar tech features and high-quality cabin materials round out the appeal.

13. Dodge Challenger (16.2 ft³)

Dodge Challenger Sport Sedan
Photo by Haidong Liang on Unsplash

Who says a retro-tinted muscle coupe can’t also handle Home Depot runs with ease? Behind the Challenger’s evocative 1970s-influenced lines lies an impressively spacious 16.2 cubic foot trunk, rivaling plenty of sedans.

And with 485 to 807 horsepower on tap from available HEMI V8 engines, you’ll have forceful acceleration to spare, aided by quick-shifting eight-speed automatics.

This two-door Dodge melds historic visual cues with contemporary creature comforts and useful roominess.

14. Toyota Avalon (16.1 ft³)

Toyota Avalon Large Sedan

The Toyota Avalon has long stood out as a spacious, comfortable sedan for shuttling families or friends in quiet luxury.

The latest model upholds those core values, with 16.1 cubic feet of trunk volume able to handle luggage or everyday cargo needs with ease.

Avalon’s sleek styling packages that roominess into an attractive, contemporary form, complemented by a supple ride quality and library-hushed cabin.

Efficient four-cylinder and hybrid powertrains provide refined, economical performance.

15. Kia K5 (16.0 ft³)

Kia K5 Trunk Capacity

Echoing the strengths of its well-regarded Optima predecessor, the sleekly styled 2024 Kia K5 supplies impressive interior spaciousness to match its premium aesthetics.

The 16-cubic foot trunk outdoes most midsize competitors in sheer volume, aided by a low lift-over height that simplifies loading unwieldy items.

Turbocharged four-cylinder engines provide willing power, while Kia’s refined cabin offers user-friendly tech integrations.

Combining European-influenced styling with Korean pragmatism, the K5 looks and acts the part of an upscale family sedan.

Final Thoughts

The ability to conveniently transport bulkier items or extra bags can make a major difference over years of ownership.

Yet you need not give up an engaging driving experience or premium details to gain that added utility.

With smarter designs that maximize interior dimensions, today’s cars with large trunks empower you to take along whatever your routine demands confidently.

No matter your reasons for needing ample trunk room, the diverse range of new and newly redesigned 2024 models highlighted here indicates automakers continue responding to buyer needs when it comes to cargo space.

So pay attention to those cubic feet figures when researching options and test drive some spacious contenders yourself.