11 Popular Cars With Butterfly Doors (With Pictures)

Butterfly doors, with their unique style, are associated with luxury and high-performance cars.

These roof-hinged doors extend upwards like butterfly wings, highlighting the vehicle’s rarity and inventiveness.

In this article, I will showcase 11 cars equipped with butterfly doors.

BMW i8

Butterfly Door on BMW i8

The butterfly-doored BMW i8 is a distinctive and revolutionary luxury sports automobile.

The plug-in hybrid i8’s three-cylinder turbocharged engine and electric motor demonstrate BMW’s dedication to high-performance and environmental driving.

Butterfly doors rise upwards, offering a stunning and futuristic entrance to the i8. This design gives the i8 a stylish edge and makes access and exit easier, especially in small spaces.

Butterfly doors enhance the BMW i8’s aerodynamic profile, improving efficiency and performance. Advanced technology is effortlessly integrated into the i8’s driver-centric cockpit.

With its butterfly doors, sleek lines, and unique design, the BMW i8 turns heads on the road. Its styling, performance, and sustainability appeal to sports car fans who want a powerful, stylish, and eco-friendly car.

McLaren P1

McLaren P1 with Butterfly Door

The butterfly doors and performance of the McLaren P1 are hallmarks of automotive engineering.

The P1’s notorious upward-swinging doors provide drama to its approach and exit. Butterfly doors make the car more accessible and express its exclusivity and performance.

The limited-production hybrid hypercar McLaren P1 has a twin-turbocharged V8 engine and electric motor for exceptional power and quickness.

Butterfly doors improve the P1’s track performance by increasing aerodynamic efficiency. Along with its superior technology and futuristic style, the P1’s unique design underlines its standing as a symbol of automotive innovation and elegance.

The McLaren P1 with butterfly doors embodies a hypercar: cutting-edge design, top performance, and a stunning visual spectacle.

McLaren Artura

McLaren Artura With Butterfly Door

The McLaren Artura, a symbol of the brand’s innovation, has butterfly doors like its high-performance cars.

These upward-hinged doors add drama and flair to Artura’s design and honor McLaren’s commitment to designing beautiful, aerodynamic supercars.

The butterfly doors open upwards, making the driving experience more exclusive and intriguing.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, the McLaren Artura’s butterfly doors make entry and exit easier and improve aerodynamics. The plug-in hybrid Artura, with its twin-turbocharged V6 engine and electric motor, is a McLaren first.

This hybrid system improves Artura’s performance and supports the automotive industry’s push for sustainability.

Artura’s butterfly doors demonstrate McLaren’s dedication to pushing technology and design to make each model a compelling and exciting work of automotive art.

McLaren 720S

McLaren 720S Pictures

The McLaren 720S, a stunning supercar, is known for its butterfly doors, which showcase the brand’s cutting-edge design and outstanding performance.

These upward-opening dihedral doors give the 720S a striking entry that distinguishes it from other exotic sports cars.

The stylish and functional design makes access and egress easier in tight places. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the McLaren 720S butterfly doors improve aerodynamics.

Carbon fiber monocoque chassis and twin-turbocharged V8 engine give the 720S great power and speed.

Butterfly doors fit the design language and integrate form and function. The 720S’ driver-centric cockpit and superior technology emphasize track performance.

High-performance car icon McLaren 720S with butterfly doors combines cutting-edge innovation, aerodynamic prowess, and a distinct design philosophy.

Ferrari LaFerrari

Ferrari LaFerrari WIth Butterfly Doors

Butterfly doors add to the Ferrari LaFerrari’s aerodynamic design, a hypercar representing Italian automotive supremacy.

The LaFerrari’s upward-swinging doors provide visual appeal and improve aerodynamics. Ferrari’s attention to form and function is evident in the LaFerrari’s elegant lines, curves, and unique door design.

The LaFerrari’s butterfly doors open upwards, adding drama to the driving experience. These doors are attractive and make the luxury, driver-focused cockpit entrance straightforward.

The hybrid hypercar LaFerrari has a strong V12 engine and electric motor, delivering incredible horsepower and torque.

Butterfly doors of the LaFerrari honor the brand’s history and show Ferrari’s commitment to performance and style.

The butterfly-doored LaFerrari combines cutting-edge technology with Ferrari’s legendary elegance and passion.

Toyota Sera

Toyota Sera Door

Butterfly doors distinguish the Toyota Sera, a little automobile with a unique design. The Sera’s butterfly doors open upwards, giving this compact, cheap vehicle a futuristic look.

The groundbreaking design showed Toyota’s willingness to try new features in a cheaper market. The Toyota Sera’s butterfly doors add a touch of distinctiveness, making it appealing to automotive enthusiasts.

Beyond their aesthetic appeal, these doors make Sera’s entry and exit easier in compact places.

Automotive aficionados who like eccentric yet functional features love the Sera’s tiny dimensions and butterfly doors.

The Toyota Sera with butterfly doors is an unusual and unique vehicle design, showing that creativity and style can be found in unexpected places.

McLaren 650S

McLaren 650S Butterfly Doors

The mid-engined McLaren 650S has McLaren’s signature butterfly doors.

These roof-hinged dihedral doors open upward, producing a dramatic and visually appealing entrance that enhances the 650S’s appeal.

Butterfly doors make the car look great, and the driver-focused cockpit is easy to access.

Beyond its attractive look, the McLaren 650S’ butterfly doors improve aerodynamics.

The 650S’s 3.8-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine is powerful and fast. Butterfly doors show McLaren’s dedication to form and function, blending cutting-edge engineering and visual refinement.

The 650S’ elegant and technologically advanced interior emphasizes its high-performance driving experience.

The McLaren 650S with butterfly doors is a supercar icon due to its unique appearance and relentless performance.

Ford GT

Black Ford GT With Butterfly Doors

Butterfly doors give the Ford GT a modern GT40, an aerodynamic look, and great performance.

These upward-swinging doors lend unique flair to the GT’s design and make entry and exit easier.

The GT’s butterfly doors signal its track-inspired origins with a spectacular entrance. Butterfly doors improve aerodynamics and look good on the Ford GT.

The GT’s lightweight carbon fiber structure and powerful EcoBoost V6 engine demonstrate Ford’s dedication to high-performance sports cars.

Butterfly doors honor the GT40’s Le Mans triumphs. The GT’s driver-centric cockpit with modern technology emphasizes exhilaration and immersion.

The Ford GT with butterfly doors sets itself apart from modern supercars with its tradition, innovation, and performance.

Volkswagen XL1

Volkswagen XL1 Doors

Butterfly doors provide aerodynamics and futuristic style to the Volkswagen XL1, a revolutionary and efficient plug-in hybrid. Butterfly doors swing upward on the limited-production XL1, giving refinement and ingenuity to this ultra-fuel-efficient vehicle.

The XL1’s aerodynamic efficiency and stylish door design help it get great fuel economy. Volkswagen’s butterfly doors make the XL1’s entry and exit unique, demonstrating its dedication to automotive innovation.

A lightweight structure and a plug-in hybrid powertrain make the XL1 one of the most fuel-efficient production automobiles.

Like its aerodynamic look, the XL1 has a streamlined, driver-focused interior.

Butterfly doors of the Volkswagen XL1 show how new door designs may be added to even the most fuel-efficient cars to give a distinctive and environmentally friendly driving experience.

McLaren Senna

McLaren Senna Butterfly Doors

The McLaren Senna, named after Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna, has McLaren’s signature butterfly doors.

These upward-opening dihedral doors give the Senna a theatrical entrance, highlighting its track-focused status.

Butterfly doors make getting in and out of the driver’s seat easier and improve aerodynamics. In addition to their beauty, the McLaren Senna’s butterfly doors improve performance.

The lightweight, high-performance Senna has a twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces incredible horsepower and thrills to drive.

Butterfly doors show McLaren’s dedication to aerodynamics and performance, blending cutting-edge engineering and stylistic refinement.

The Senna’s simple cockpit emphasizes its concentration on road and track performance.

The McLaren Senna with butterfly doors honors a racing legend and epitomizes McLaren’s performance brilliance.

Maserati MC20

Yellow Maserati MC20

Butterfly doors make the mid-engine Maserati MC20 attractive and aerodynamic. These luxury and performance-themed upward-swinging doors give the MC20 a dramatic and sophisticated look.

Butterfly doors add style and convenience to the car’s entry and exit. Beyond their aesthetic appeal, the Maserati MC20’s butterfly doors improve aerodynamics and performance.

Maserati’s twin-turbocharged V6 engine powers the MC20, highlighting its devotion to exhilarating driving.

Butterfly doors reflect Maserati’s commitment to performance, elegance, and innovation in the flagship MC20.

The MC20’s opulent, driver-focused interior matches its outstanding exterior.

The Maserati MC20 with butterfly doors combines Italian craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and high-performance engineering to stand out in supercars.

Final Words

Butterfly doors are popular among high-profile car models, combining cutting-edge technology and stunning aesthetics.

The variety of butterfly-doored cars, from the eco-friendly BMW i8 to the powerful McLaren P1, shows their popularity.

The sleek lines of the Ferrari LaFerrari, the unique design of the Toyota Sera, and the high-performance qualities of the McLaren Senna and Maserati MC20 enhance the driving experience and represent automotive innovation and luxury.

We can expect more butterfly doors in future automobile models as technology advances, pushing automotive design and altering the driving experience for enthusiasts worldwide.