10 Cars & SUVs With Built-in refrigerators (2024)

You don’t have to shell out for an expensive stretch limo if you only need something with some cooling capability.

Even though you’re more likely to see a champagne cooler or fridge in a Mercedes or Rolls-Royce, keeping food and drinks cold on the go isn’t just for the rich and famous.

Cooling off doesn’t have to bother you, as we have detailed a list of the best automobiles with fridges.

Toyota Sienna

Fridge on The Toyota Sienna Platinum

The Toyota Sienna Platinum will do the trick if you need a minivan with a refrigerator.

The cabin is stocked to the gills with amenities like a vacuum, refrigerator, and a head-up display that measures 10 inches.

The refrigerator can reduce the temperature of any beverage to low temperatures of up to 41 degrees! The car is ideal for drivers who frequently traverse hot climates, as it can save the money needed to buy a whole gallon of ice cream.

Audi A8

Audi A8 With Fridge

The Audi A8 is another option for those who want a car with a refrigerator in the glove compartment to keep drinks cold before a walk in the heat or to prevent chocolate from melting.

However, remember that the coolbox will only function if the HVAC system supplies cold air.

A rotary dial is a common feature in glove compartments. Flip the switch to the opposite position to turn it off.

If the air conditioner is blowing warm air, most manuals will tell you to shut it off; you don’t want to enter the glove compartment and find a puddle of melted chocolate unless you have a supply of marshmallows.

Ford Flex

Ford Flex Fridge

The Ford Flex is your best bet if you need a car with a refrigerator. As with the 2009 model year, the fridge was standard and has remained so in all succeeding years.

The Ford Flex has a refrigerator, not just a plastic bin cooled by the car’s AC, but an actual fridge that uses a compressor to produce cold liquid.

The manufactured liquid can reduce the temperature of any refrigerated beverage by up to 41 degrees! The freezer function can reduce temperatures to a minimum of 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

The maximum capacity of the Ford Flex’s mini-fridge is seven 12-ounce cans. The car is ideal for drivers who frequently traverse hot climates, as it can save the money needed to buy a whole gallon of ice cream.

Cadillac Escalade

The Cadillac Escalade is the greatest vehicle if you value having access to ice-cold drinks anytime. The refrigerator is conveniently located in the middle of the dashboard.

It’s spacious enough to fit six 24-ounce bottles and features a freezer setting that maintains temperatures between 41 and 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

This refrigerator’s user-friendliness is undoubtedly its best feature. Pushing the button activates it; for example, press the button to turn on the refrigerator until the light comes on.

You will need to long press the button until two lights come on to enter the freezer setting. Similarly, to turn it off, press and hold the button until the light turns off.

Mercedes-Maybach GLS

The Mercedes-Maybach GLS is another wonderful option because it has a built-in refrigerator, conveniently located in the rear armrest, so passengers can easily get cold beverages and snacks.

The refrigerator has a 10-liter capacity and includes a champagne flute, saving you money.

Additionally, the fridge is detachable, making it simple to clean. The fridge’s LED control panel makes it simple to select the desired temperatures, making it a breeze to use.

Honda Odyssey

The Honda Odyssey’s Cool Box is installed beneath the center stack and can be used to keep drinks and other items cold utilizing the vehicle’s air conditioning system.

Honda Odyssey is perfect for extended trips in the summer heat. The cool box is useful for storing beverages and foods at cool temperatures for a long time.

When you turn on the climate system in the vehicle, the refrigerator also turns on. This is not a refrigerator but a cool box system; therefore, ice will melt.

The cool box is in the second row, making it convenient for families with young children, and it can hold up to four 20-ounce bottles or six 12-ounce cans.

Range Rover

The outgoing Range Rover (2013-2021) chooses between a front-center cooler compartment and a front-center refrigerator.

The maximum number of 500 ml bottles it can store at a comfortable 5oC is four. If you’re in a rush, you can use the quick-cool feature.

The Range Rover offers a rear seat cooler/warmer as an extra for the center armrest. Depending on the food you’re transporting, it will cool or warm, thanks to the accessory power port.

Volvo XC90

Volvo Fridge

The Volvo XC90 Excellence is a must-have car for individuals who want the best driving experience possible because of its reputation for comfort, safety, and practicality.

The parking garages have several interesting amenities, but the refrigerator is where they shine.

The champagne glasses are one of a kind and can be found in the back of the fridge. These glasses have a dedicated spot in the refrigerator where they may rest without interfering with the cooling process. Impressively, the glass holder may be used to either heat or chill the drink.

Mini-fridges like this one are light years ahead of champagne coolers. It’s more than that; it serves the same purpose as your refrigerator at home, but for the fact that it can only house two bottles of champagne (or any other alcoholic beverages you want).

Bentley Mulsanne

Unlike other luxury vehicles, the Bentley Mulsanne has a well-thought-out refrigerator that eliminates the need to purchase a separate cooler.

You can store 1-liter bottles in the armrest bin located in the rear center seat. It also has a space for two glasses and a little candy tray. Thanks to this refrigerator, you won’t have to go without water or food when traveling between locations.

Rolls Royce Ghost

The manufacturer spared no cost while making it the most expensive SUV ever, and amenities like a drinks cabinet stocked with Rolls-Royce whisky glasses, a decanter, champagne flutes, and a fridge are standard equipment.

The driver won’t use this refrigerator, as it’s designed for the backseat.

Anyone riding in the back of a Rolls-Royce Ghost will feel like they’ve been upgraded to first class because of the car’s abundance of plush features and high-quality materials. A champagne chiller with matching flutes is an add-on you can select in place of the Ghost.

Can I Add a Fridge Since My Car Doesn’t Have One?

Yes! You may install a refrigerator in your vehicle, but there are a few energy sources.

You’ll need electricity to run the refrigerator constantly. The first and simplest option is to connect it directly to the car’s 12v power outlet.

This option is reasonable if your journey is short, you plan to spend most of your time in the car, or you have access to a powered campsite at your destination.

Mini Refrigerator For Car
12V Portable Refrigerator for Car

Connecting the refrigerator to the car’s 12V power socket will allow it to function while the engine is on but will cause it to drain the battery if the engine is shut off.

But 12V refrigerators have the advantage of not needing to be on constantly and maintaining their temperature more reliably when turned off.

For short trips of one or two nights, you can keep perishables cold by running the refrigerator in the car on the way to the campsite, then unplugging it while you sleep and reconnecting it the next day.