BMW X1 in Snow and Winter Driving (Explained)

The X1 is a compact luxury crossover produced by BMW. The current generation X1 offers a front-wheel drive layout as standard.

The BMW X1 has gained much popularity since it’s spacious, affordable, and fuel-efficient.

This compact SUV is also favored for its all-terrain versatility thanks to xDrive technology and high ground clearance. The X1 is reliable enough for driving on difficult terrains such as mountains, light off-roading in forests, deserts, and slippery roads during winter.

Is the BMW X1 Good In Snow?

BMW X1 does a decent job in the snowy and winter weather thanks to its all-wheel drive and dynamic traction control, and it can drive up a steep driveway without needing any clearing up.

This car has a good set of tires to drive through the snow, but during winter, you should get yourself winter tires because the roads might be slippery.

BMW offers the X1 in two drivetrains. Models with all-wheel drive are ideal for snow driving, although front-wheel drive can also work well if you get a good pair of winter tires.

BMW X1 for Snow Driving

Which BMW X1 Features Will Improve Winter Driving?

Camera feeds in the BMW X1 will be sent to the controlled display when the hill descent controls are in use, and this will help the driver to drive through slippery hills and know the right path to follow.

The Michelin X ice winter tires are designed to navigate during winter. They have fantastic control when driving and transfer power beautifully during winter drives.

Dynamic stability control helps your BMW X1 car keep on the right path when driving during winter. The feature is activated the moment you begin driving the car. The dynamic control system uses the brakes whenever needed in case the car tire slips.

The automatic stability control feature helps the BMW X1 vehicle to crawl out of situations with minimal effort. This feature mostly works as a safety mechanism for the vehicle and uses the brakes primarily.

Dynamic traction control, this feature facilitates more wheel spin, especially when driving up a slippery hill. The feature controls the wheels of the BMW X1 to move easily and prevent the vehicle from slipping.

Does the BMW X1 have Snow Mode?

There is no dedicated snow mode on the BMW X1, though you are given several options, including Eco, Sport, and Comfort.

I don’t recommend using the sport mode for driving in the snow, as it will make your vehicle skid easily and difficult to control, which is dangerous.

Comfort and Eco modes seem to be more friendly to use during winter. With these modes, the acceleration will feel more relaxed so the wheels get enough traction to avoid slipping easily.

How much Snow can the BMW X1 Handle?

The BMW X1 can handle both moderate and heavy snow easily. They have well-fitted wheels that help easily drive the car in the snow. Because they are lightly weighted, the BMW X1 cars can easily move up and down a snowy hill.

The technology of the BMW X1 is aimed and designed to provide the best driving experience. Therefore, its many settings, like the dynamic traction control that helps spin the wheel in the snow and the dynamic stability control that helps keep the car on the right path when driving in the snow, offer the best safety precautions when driving.

Therefore, the BMW X1 offers the best combination in snow weather for people who still want to enjoy driving during such weather.

Does BMW X1 Need Winter Tires?

BMW X1 in snow

Yes, the BMW X1 requires winter tires to help it move through the winter weather. If you live in an area with very cold temperatures and the roads are sometimes covered with ice, you need winter tires for your BMW X1 car.

The winter tires provide a good grip on the road and are a safety precaution every BMW X1 car user needs to have.

Getting yourself winter tires is advisable since they will enable you to spin the car easily on a slippery driveway.

The winter tires can be easily fitted to provide the required comfort when driving through winter.

The winter tires are made to increase traction on icy or snowy roads that are to increase the spinning of the car.

They also contain treads that help expel snow, and they have sipes engineered to dig into all the slippery snow and ice to give your tires a good grip on the road.

Getting winter tires will help you get the confidence that is needed when driving through icy or snowy roads and help you enjoy your travel.

Is the BMW X1 Reliable?

Yes, BMW X1 cars are very reliable since they are luxurious cars that offer the best traveling comfort for you and your family.

The BMW X1 cars are fitted with good wheels, which are transformed power easily to provide a good traveling experience to the user.

The BMW X1 has some fantastic features that offer safety for people living in areas that experience adverse weather conditions like snow and ice. It has a traction control that will increase the spinning of the wheels to prevent the car from slipping off the road.

The BMW X1 is very reliable since it has a dynamic control system that helps the driver keep on the right path to avoid losing the path, especially in snowy weather.

You can also get winter tires for your BMW X1 car to help you navigate the winter weather easily since they have treads that will help the wheel get a good grip on the road.


The BMW X1 cars are very reliable for snow weather since they are lightly weighted to enable easy movement up and down the hill.

They also have some amazing features and settings that you can use during the snowy weather to help ease your travel and provide the required comfort when driving in the snow.