Acura ILX In Snow and Winter Driving (Explained)

Just like many other sporty luxury brand cars that have been made today, Acura has a stellar reputation in the industry for building exceptional vehicles. This statement is also true for the Acura ILX.

In fact, when it comes to handling inclement weather like snow driving, the best experts in this industry have given their seal of approval on the Acura ILX.

Is the Acura ILX Good in Snow?

As referenced above, the Acura IXL is known to be great in snow and in all types of winter weather, including snow and ice and other bad weather conditions. Therefore, when car owners purchase this vehicle, they will also have the Acura IXL’s guarantee of ease in handling the worst city streets and highways when the temperatures are below freezing.

The Acura ILX is a front-wheel-drive vehicle. Although not as capable as AWD, it still handles snow very well when equipped with a pair of proper winter tires.

The ILX also comes with heated front seats and a leather-wrapped heated steering wheel to prevent you from freezing while driving in winter.

Which Features Will Improve this Vehicle’s Winter Driving?

Some cars on the road today are known for having their own specialized features. Many of these have been designed to improve winter driving. Therefore, if you want to know what types of features the Acura IXL has, here is what you and other Acura owners can expect.

VSA with Traction Control

Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) assists the vehicle in remaining stable during unexpected maneuvers. It also has traction control, handy when driving on slick roads like snow or sand.


Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) ensures the wheels have good braking power, which is important in winter to prevent the vehicle from skidding when braking on slippery roads.

Heated Seat

A heated Seat is definitely necessary if you are driving in winter, anyone would not want to freeze in the cabin while driving. The presence of heated seats ensures you stay warm while driving.

Heated Side Mirror

Heated mirrors are just as important as heated seats. I’d be too lazy to clean the ice off my side mirrors in freezing weather. When this happens, the heated mirrors clean the frozen mirrors, allowing the driver to see clearly.

Does Acura ILX Have Snow Mode?

No, the Acura IX does not have a specific feature that is known as snow mode. However, as mentioned above, these cars do come with their traction/control switch. This traction control switch can be used to accommodate the driving needs of the driver in road conditions.

How Much Snow Can Acura ILX Handle?

According to Acura’s manufacturer claims, this vehicle can handle up to 6 inches of snow.

Therefore, the driver does not have to worry about getting stuck in bad weather conditions if the snow is as deep as these amounts.

This is also great news for drivers that have the car’s standard winter tires on them in temperatures that are as low as -15 degree Celsius.

Does your vehicle Need Winter Tires?

The answer to this question is Yes.

Good winter tires are critical to the safety of everyone in the vehicle, especially on snowy and icy roads and other related bad weather conditions.

It is also important to note that the standard tires that come with the Acura are not made to handle bad weather and wintery conditions.


Like many other sporty luxury brand cars made today, Acura has a great reputation for building exceptional vehicles.

And it is also true that this vehicle is designed to handle inclement weather like snow driving.

The best experts in this industry have given their approval to the Acura ILX.