Why Does My SUV Sway? (Explained)

Owning an SUV offers the best of both worlds. For one thing, it offers practicability and convenience if you have a large family back home.

Another thing is that if you and your family like to on camping, picnics, and out-of-town adventures, then driving with an SUV saves you a lot of worry and trouble.

An SUV is made for families that want comfort and space while going on a trip and while traveling.

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Risks of a Swaying SUV Vehicle

If you are driving an SUV and suddenly tilts on the other side of the road without you maneuvering the car, this poses risks for a road accident or mishap.

The swaying of your SUV can be difficult for you if you are driving the car. This is a problem that you should address right away. It poses even more risks if you are driving your SUV on a public road.

With multiple cars, buses, and motorcycles that go about with their business in the road, then your swaying SUV can pose a road accident and danger with the other motorists.

When you experienced a little swaying with your SUV, you must pull over right away. It would help if you did something about it.

Now, if you have a background or you are quite familiar with repairing your SUV, then you should probably check for the swaying problem right away.

But, if you want to make sure that the problem is solved at once, call a mechanic and wait for an immediate response.

Factors that May Cause Your SUVs to Sway

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There are several possible causes for this, some of which need quick attention, while others are just inherent like this sort of vehicle. Let’s begin with the basic reasons:

Vehicle Height

Many people tend to purchase cars that have a higher elevation than other cars. Like an SUV and other trucks with a higher elevation than average cars, these cars are more susceptible to crosswinds.

Now, these crosswinds can cause your SUV to sway while you are driving down that road. Higher cars like an SUV are good because of their height it provides more protection on the road, but the downside of SUVs is that they are more prone to be affected by crosswinds.

Tire Width

 Since an SUV has a higher elevation than average cars, the wheels of an SUV are also bigger than regular cars. The tires of an SUV are wider and bigger in size.

These wheels can be a big help because they carry you to risky and bumpy roads at an easier pace. But, these tires are more susceptible to cause your SUV to sway. Your tires must be checked from time to time if they are aligned in the right direction. We don’t want to face a road accident involving our SUV’s tires.

Low Tire Pressure

This one refers to the pressure of your SUV’s tires. Now, if you have uneven pressure in your tires, it can become riskier to drive and travel in your SUV. Your uneven tires and their pressure can become the contributing factors in the swaying of your SUV.

Make sure that before you drive or travel using your SUV, check if the tires have even pressure on both sides. If you do this, you make sure that your SUV is stable while driving with it.

Steering (tie rods) or Suspension Components 

This factor will surely affect how your SUV sway because of the car’s steering. This involves the shocks and struts of your SUV.

Now, if this is not diagnosed and resolved right away, it poses an even more swaying of your SUV. If you are driving at a low speed, your SUV will likely sway because of the unresolved issue with the SUV’s shocks and struts. Likewise, before using your SUV, double-check the steering, shocks, and struts first.

Drag Link

A drag link can be commonly found among SUVs and trucks. This link connects the gearbox and the tie rod on both sides that provide stability and support in your SUV.

If you have a loose drag link in your SUV, it poses a threat to you and your SUV’s safety. If the drag link is loose, your SUV is, in most part swaying and bumping all the time. We don’t want this to happen. That is why it is important to double-check everything before going for that ride with your SUV.

The Verdict

So, we have outlined some of the contributing factors that affect the swaying of your SUV. As an owner or a driver of an SUV, make sure that you are extra keen and mindful of your SUV.

Double-check everything and make sure that the swaying of your SUV is attended to at a moment’s notice. We want the safety of our lives and that the safety of our SUV.